Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

All right, I know what you are going to tell me, it’s the second WPC post… Two WPCs in a row! Does that mean that An Evil Nymph has nothing more to post, nothing to say at all to her readers?

Not exactly.

The thing is, I’ve busied myself a lot lately… not only through revision but through other new activities, new hobbies I have to decide whether to adopt or not… I realised that this year, the month of October has made me very frantic… unstable… So I’ve been trying to win at least one chess match against my phone (in vain), singing all over the place, watching indie singers on Youtube sing (eventually), thinking about crazy outfits by staring at my wardrobe, taking care of an alien (that’s Pou, a phone app lol don’t worry, we are not being invaded… yet), eating Smarties… and reading.

Maybe I’m doing all of this now because I know that NaNoWriMo is coming…?

I don’t know. Anyway.


travel abroad vintage map box

Foreign… when I saw this word, I told myself.


Looks like a hard theme, since I’m staying at home all the time except when I have exams, and I don’t have anything that could make me say, hey that’s foreign.

But then, I remember that I didn’t tell you previously about my new little box, that I fell for the moment I placed my eyes on it at Daiso, because it just fits me so well – an adventuress at heart ♥

When I was little, I used to have a little box where I would put all the strangest objects, but that appealed to me… I don’t know where the box is now, but I’m doing the same with this one. Except that I’m adding a rule: I’ve put pictures of my dream destinations, like Paris (you know I’m in love with the Eiffel Tower!), as if this box was actually magic and could make my wishes come true…

*sigh* No child ever grows up completely.

So that’s foreign for me. When I remembered that photo that I had taken a while ago… the weekly challenge just all made sense! So that’s also partly why I had to get this post up although it’s just after the previous weekly photo challenge, silhouette.

What is ‘foreign’ to you?

An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. Very well written, really enjoyed reading this post – and amuses me a bit of imagining an ‘evil nymph’ is about putting Eiffel Tower in a box – sure that all your exams go well… 🙂

  2. I love the ritual of putting dream destinations in a special box. Can’t wait to hear about when the dreams come true.
    I’ll be with you in NaMoWriMo next month.

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