This Is Halloween! [or The Happy Nightmare Before Christmas]

Although here in Mauritius we don’t officially celebrate Halloween, or Samhain’s Eve, whatever you call it, many of us, especially teenagers, always find a way to make this 31 October a special day, even despite having exams on the next day.

Yes, many of us were just stuck at home with revision work… but fortunately? I had tuition in the afternoon. This is when my friends and I decided to wear orange and black and cry out ‘TRICK OR TREAT’ when the teacher would come into class.

Doesn’t mean that we got sweets in the end.

But it was just so fun.

Thus today, I’m going to tell you what I did for this year’s Halloween! With a detailed report of my outfit, since I have a ‘fashion’ category on this blog…

Let’s start with Halloween’s eve, thus Samhain’s Eve’s eve…

When I came home from my exams, I felt irrationally excited.

That’s how I started to listen to ‘This is Halloweeen’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas over and over again, until I was singing it loud in the house and people thought I was crazy! And I was, eventually.

The only way to calm me down was to actually do a video on the song! So this morning I uploaded:

Then I prepared myself for tuition. Hehe.

So. Black and Orange we said?

This idea immediately struck my mind:

Why not wear this bright orange ‘An Evil Nymph’ tank top!? Muahaha! For those who followed me long enough, you totally should remember it. I made it myself…

Then I paired the top with black shorts and boots since I wanted this orange colour to stand out in the overall outfit.

And also because I was – somehow – getting dressed as an evil nymph (her true appearance revealed haha)!!

And in case it would be cold in the evening, when I would have to go home, I put on a light black sort of jacket…

Thus completing the clothing outfit:

I spiced up my outfit with jewellery, of course.

Aside from my never-not-going-to-wear watch, I put on a black beaded bracelet, which makes like a Celtic knotted pattern… which I am so fond of!!

For the necklace, another black one, a Celtic-Gothic style one…?

I’ve fell in love with this piece of jewellery the first time I set my eyes on it ♥

And for the earrings… as my usually crazy style allows, I put two different ones, one on each ear: an orange and a black feather earrings! I guess that the photo will describe it in a better way:

One sided smile?

By the way, if you are curious to know how I did my makeup – special wearable Halloween edition – you can just click on Wearable Halloween Makeup! and here you go!

So my friends and I met and had fun! Yes, even at tuition we have fun, especially when we had no idea that the teacher was going to be 30 minutes late…

Hope you’re all having a great time! Tomorrow is going to be the start of a new Celtic year 🙂 and that’s too bad that I have exams, but it’s going to be my very last day at school for this year, so my blogging pace might come back to normal, i.e. 1 post every two days, while NaNoWriMo will also take over the month of November…

Oh yes, I’m doing it again this year! Who’s with me??

Anyway, happy Halloween! 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

18 thoughts on “This Is Halloween! [or The Happy Nightmare Before Christmas]

  1. Great post, now evil nymphs don’t scare me anymore… ‘hahaha’

    Great idea – bout the dress, colors and the one-sided smile… 🙂

    Happy Halloween… 😉

  2. I also have two never-not-going-to-wear watches, or should I say, two never-not-going-to-wear-neither-one-of-them watches. 😛

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