On Blog Awards & Sharing Links Love…

Have any of you noticed that I missed the Sites Of The Month: October 2012? Usually, at the end of each month I do a sharing-only post where I link every web pages and websites that caught my attention during the month, so that perhaps some of you may find them helpful. But this end of October and beginning of November have been a storm of events for me, and I’m sorry if ever you were waiting for it.

In the last Sites Of The Month posts, I have developed a habit of listing all the blog awards I receive during the month and then instead of following the rules exactly, like the 7 random facts about me I have to list, I change it by giving away a lot of facts about me, yet through my monthly list of favourite links! That’s how I started to merge the ‘Sites of the month’ thing with the listing of blog awards.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

I feel that it’s important to stop in your tracks for a while, and be grateful for what you received, what you gained along the journey, although you have not completed it yet, and also share it to the world.

So today, I thank:

1. Seasons of Insanity who awarded me with the Reader Appreciation Award:

And also with the Booker Award:

Shall I list a few books that have inspired my writing (since it’s the rules and it’s interesting!)? Harry Potter, of course since I would not even have thought of being an aspiring never-giving-up writer, The mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley), Rebecca (Daphné Du Maurier), and so many others who have been my support when my hopes about writing were at their lowest…

2. Authentic Photography for passing on the Reality Blog Award:

3. aljaja for the Liebster Award:

4. Life of 24 hours for the Wonderful Team Member Readership award… for which I can’t seem to find the picture associated, sorry.

Now, since most of these awards demand us, the nominees, to show an introspection of ourselves… I am going to show you the introspection of me for the month of October.

1. I discovered a new passion for the analysis of DNA mutation and I found this interesting article: Amazing! Scientists: Our DNA is mutating as we speak! We are developing 12 strands. Oh. My. God.

2. Who hasn’t even been in a situation when your love is unrequited? I have. So here’s Knowing When To Walk Away From Unrequited Love.

3. I have recently envied tall women who could embrace the lovely trend of maxi dresses, whereas I am only 147 cm tall! So How Can Minis Go Maxis?

4. Thanks to the internet, I know that I am not alone in the situation where I am stuck at 147 cm of height. That’s when I discovered The Petite Fashionista!

5. I love eyes. And it’s too bad that I have to wear spectacles. But I enjoyed reading: What The Eyes Reveal: 10 Messages My Pupils Are Sending You.

6. I don’t really know how to elaborate on that: Love or Career – How To Make The Right Choice. I’m on the career side anyway.

7. Writing is a form of art, but the very first art that I discovered and learned as a child was of course painting and I loved to draw or play with the colours… And I love staring at paintings too. Sometimes, it’s good to pause and observe, instead of creating. Anyway, for paintings lovers out there, Google Art Project is for you! Browse paintings from all over the world and centuries, from various museums… from your desktop at home!

8. Did anyone notice the little cute stickers under my short bio on the sidebar? The ‘LGTB friendly’ and ‘pride’? If you want to have these on your blog too you can just go HERE. Got it from my lovely friend’s blog, the food goddess haha! Thank you!

9. Then my creative mind started to run a hundred miles per hour, together with my friends and one of them found an interesting DIY project: the Easy Bleach Batik Technique on T-shirts!

10. I’ve had many times when my self-confidence wavered, and so here are two uplifting posts I found: 12 Lies To Stop Telling Yourself and 12 Things You Should Be Able To Say About Yourself. Overall, I love this website.

11. Kimmy Erin? From her bio, her life is awesome. I just find out about so many new great and talented people during a month that I may not remember all of them in the end, although their website is in my bookmarks…

12. Did you know that on October 13 the No Bra Day was celebrated? Haha, and you know what I realised? That Yes, It’s Okay to Not Wear a Bra.

13. Oh I hate feeling guilty. It’s the worse and most common feeling of mine just after jealousy… I think. So here’s How To Deal With Feeling Guilty.

14. Movies Vs Realities? Sometimes I tend to dive deep down into a movie, only to escape reality… Too bad that these are two totally different worlds. Here is Movies That Ruined Our Perception Of Relationships. Love that.

15. Since I love fashion but my budget is limited, I have to do with what I have, so here are 30 Ways To Wear Your White T-shirt!

16. I’ve started to learn how to play chess, I’ve always found it so fascinating, with all its uniquely arranged medieval pieces… this Chess website has been of such a huge help! A-must visit for beginners!

17. My favourite cooking channels belongs to Laura Vitale and she is really really good!

18. I am shy and I don’t know how to flirt, so at times when I don’t want to do anything else, I just browse on Google and look what I found: The Ridiculously Simple Flirting Move For Shy Girls. Although I never take these articles seriously I enjoyed reading them.

19. Finally, since I had to upload a Halloween video on Youtube, I found out how to Speed Up Uploading! Yeah! And it works!


Hope you had a great time in October! Now let’s fully embrace November 🙂

An Evil Nymph.

8 thoughts on “On Blog Awards & Sharing Links Love…

  1. Congratulations!! Alas November : )
    I cannot wait to check out the blogs you named that I haven’t viewed before!


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