Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

For me, renewal is rebirth. A restart. A second chance.

It means, turning over a new fresh blank page.

new blank drawing page

For these holidays, I decided to start all over again… To come back to my childhood.

And thus, learn the art of drawing again.

Since I was born, I remember doing only two activities: painting and listening to the stories that my mother told me through story books. I loved everything concerning art. I knew that when I was even younger, I would sing and dance. Then painting and drawing took over.

Until I obtained my salvation.

Well, what I really mean is that since I loved to hear those fairy tales that my mother read to me, I wanted to be able to read by myself. This was a strong desire inside of me. Thus I learnt quickly at school and struggled to finally be able to read a whole passage.

One day, I succeeded. And I could also finally write.

That was how in fact I slowly stopped drawing and painting and replaced it with writing. Since the beginning all I wanted to do was to express myself in some form of art. The artist soon became the writer.

Here I am!

But for a while now, I started to mix both. For example, I drew my characters and even did some storyboards. Mixing words with drawings. Yet I was mostly concentrating on the writing.

And now that I’ve learnt a lot about writing, I want my drawing abilities to resurface again and be at the same level as my way of conjuring words on paper.

Since I’m in holidays, I therefore took some drawing courses… for fun! 🙂

It’s a sort of renewal for me, really. It’s rediscovering the child within me. It’s going back to the beginning, to circles and squares…

circles and squares drawing

What is ‘renewal’ to you?

An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

  1. I love how you do that…get inside my heart and pull out the connection between my 2 passions or at least art forms of expression, drawing and writing. I guess we all are one and age-less when it comes to matters of the heart.

      1. I agree, any age is a good age! Lack of time is a bigger issue, but eventually… 😉

  2. Pleasure as always to read your thoughts. Smart take on the theme of renewal! I find that drawing, even just doodling is a great help in collecting ideas and visualizing. And It can definitely give your writing more dimension…

  3. A blank page with a pencil and an eraser is my favorite picture! You have the opportunity to draw or write ANYTHING! Plus i love the smell of pencil….. Good luck on your drawing lessons girl! Enloy it! 😀

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