Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

by evilnymphstuff

Gratitude is something that everyone should practice on a daily basis. It makes us realise that there are so many things in life that we have, that we love. And that’s a great way to start the day, with a good mood, by thinking of all the things we have instead of complaining about all the things we don’t have. What do you think?

mauritius beach and sea summer

(That’s me in the photo! Yeah!)

So here is my gratitude list:

I thank:

– My loving parents, of course, for so many reasons.

– My whole supportive family

– My epic friends

– Nature (like in the photo ^^)

– My creativity – especially in certain arts, like writing :)

– My feelings, for I’m not a robot and I can love and share the love.

– Teachers, school, education, since that’s how I discover the art of writing!

– The internet

– WordPress in particular :D

– Microsoft word!

– Well, my laptop and everything’s that’s in it

– The fact that I can eat, drink, get dressed everyday and also enjoy technological facilities, without sweating… for now.

– My house, for always been there.

– The world and its famous places, for making me dream and hope…

– The sun

– The moon, for lightening my path when I return home late

– The stars and blue blue sky, which can still be clearly seen here in Mauritius.

– The fact that I know both French and English fluently.

– My body, which functions 100% great!

– Circumstances, fate and destiny! Sometimes they do give me lovely surprises.

– YOU of course! My readers :D

Well there are so many things to be grateful for… everyday! :) Just think and you’ll find that your list is even longer!

Thank you.

An Evil Nymph.

PS: I also thank this month of November which is coming at its end and the fact that I have finally reached 50k words for NaNoWriMo on the 28th! :) Besides NaNo, this month has been a very fulfilling one for me – awesome holidays with awesome people! Yeah! Let December begin now!

19 Comments to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful”

  1. I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter and am always thankful for you Daphnee. :)

  2. Thank you for the pingback. Your post conveys exactly the feeling I intended in mine. Also, huge congrats for completing nanowrimo; now THAT’S something to be thankful about!!

  3. Love the photo…and thanks and gratitude that the beauty and terror of nature is free for all to observe.

  4. I totally agree, gratitude! I think sometimes people forget about that, they missed on the blessings because they’re too busy whining about the things they don’t have. Ahmm..I have to admit, I’m also guilty about that sometimes :(
    Anyways, I’m glad we’re always reminded every now and then to see and understand what really matters in life.

  5. Beautiful picture and post!!

  6. Oh yes, it’s good to sit down and think about what and who we should be grateful for and I believe by acknowledging them we’ll be living a richer life knowing that we have them :) You picture was so simple and sharp, it’s stunning!

  7. Beautiful picture to go with a wonderful, generous , grateful heart. Happy Holidays.

  8. Wonderful list… I’m grateful for plenty of things too… starting with the breath of life we all take. :-)

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