Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

by evilnymphstuff

sea urchin on the beach

A lonely but cute little sea urchin trying to get to the sun while being under water. I love how the rays of the sun make that irregular but beautiful pattern when being reflected on the surface of the shallow sea…

This photo just makes me feel like everyone deserves to have the sun shining in their life, no matter their race, religion, age…

Everyone deserves to be happy.

An Evil Nymph.

30 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections”

  1. Hi its been a while, your post reminds me when i step on one of them, making black dots in by sole… it hurts like hell… You can also eat that by the way..hehehe

  2. Hmm basking in the sun, has to be fun even for a little sea urchin like this one. I love the reflection of the sun

  3. Very cute! If you let them crawl on your hand it feels really neat too

  4. Ohhhh that’s gorgeous!! :’) I love sea urchins, their eyes are weird! And love the sea! It’s so myserious oO the depths..

  5. The water look so inviting..nice effect!

  6. Now that is intriguing … finally catching up. :-)

  7. Hello,
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  8. A beautiful reflection. Cute sea urchin but they sting though. It’s refreshing to see the water. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. You managed to make a sea urchin look cute! Lovely! :)

  10. Thanks. nice picture.

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