Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

by evilnymphstuff

tropical summer beach in Mauritius

Changing seasons? Here in Mauritius, being a tropical island, we have put our winter coats away and gave in to the warmth of the summer rays! It’s getting hotter and hotter every day!

May the sun reach you as well, those who live in the upper regions and are getting colder as the snow sets on the ground.

And I never write in the literal meaning only…

Be Strong. Always.

And enjoy the holiday season! :D

An Evil Nymph.

12 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons”

  1. It looks like a “hot shot” – enjoy it… :-) ;-)

  2. Winter coats? Aren’t you north of Madagascar? BTW The coldest it’s ever gotten here in South Florida is about 50 fahrenheit for maybe a week at the most.

  3. I’m taking this cruise real slow. Sometimes the troubled path will end in Paradise, close your eyes. All you got to do is let it go. A hundred candle-lit evenings will come to you. And you will be swallowed up by life.

  4. Wonderful shot and inviting. ;-)


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