Is It The End Of The World Yet?

In a few hours, as predicted by the Mayans – or more precisely, the media – we will all be die. It is the end of our world.

Or not.

2012 end of the world

Do you believe in any of this? I don’t. In about 2 hours, here it will be the 22/12/12 and there still hasn’t been any tsunami warning or violent cyclones or incoming flood or deadly earthquakes… Or not even snow. (NB: it never snows in tropical regions, so if there will ever be snowing here in Mauritius, I believe it might be a reason to get worried.)

Nothing particular happened, and will either. I don’t think that the end of the world will just come, like that in a second, wiping us all from this world, won’t it? Anyway, in the movie, Africa isn’t even affected. LOL.

What I learnt from this 2012 madness:

1. The idea of the ending of the world affects the whole world so much that it makes the worldwide media party. Indeed all this fuss was just a way for TV and so on to get extra bucks. It was an enlightenment, the greatest business profit-making idea… the There was a movie, documentaries, and even channels totally dedicated to this… all types of advertisings!

Thanks for the tip! Now we know exactly how to make tons of money.

So now we have to ask ourselves: was the Mayan calendar misunderstood or did the media simply fool us all?

2012 movie

2. People can be so naive. Some have even prepared themselves, like spending a lot of money on building underground houses and so on, so as to be the lucky survivors…

Come on!

Now that this is almost over, we have to realise that in fact no human being can predict the end of the world. Only God knows. And he does not intend to pass this knowledge on to us, believe me.

If you don’t believe in God, at least believe in logic. It totally makes sense that the world is not dying on 21/12/12. There would have been more disasters than there already is. Our condition would have been worse. Or believe in science. Science says that we still have time. I don’t have the statistics but go and start googling…

3. Yet this whole end of the world thing also made many of us think. It made us aware that we can die at any moment. And thus that we have to live the present. Live the now. And not regret anything.

Do what you have to do now. You want to tell your parents how much you love them? Do it now.

Don’t procrastinate. Or it might be too late. We never know when it will be the end of us.

4. Somehow some people have interpreted that 2012 event differently. They are optimistic and believe that this 21.12.12 will only bring a change, a drastic but subtle change, a spiritual one… that we are evolving as human beings… going to another era… sort of. Well it’s complicated. I’ve read a lot about it, but I’m still a little confused.

Anyway, I like the concept.

2012 enlightenment

If I only had a few days to live, what would I do?

Such a common question at this time of 2012, right?

Well, sincerely, I have no idea. I know so many people make lists and so on, but… I guess that as long as I’m with my family and in good terms with my friends… I’m ready to go. Of course it would be sad that I wouldn’t have the chance to publish a book or travel the world or have a love partner, but I’ve been happy in my life so far. That’s what counts after all.

Happiness. 🙂

See you on my next post! Because we will still live.

What about you? If you only had a few days to live, what would YOU do?

An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “Is It The End Of The World Yet?

  1. I’d probably stuff myself with delicious food and do whatever the heck I wanted, lol. I don’t know what I would want to do … I think I’d have to actually get to my last day on earth to be able to tell what that would be.

  2. Only the Father knows when the end will come .Have a wonderful season of holidays.jalal

  3. Nice post. Nothing will happen. Its not the end of world. Just wait and watch. See you tomorrow with smile. 🙂

  4. If I have a few days to live, I may do some crazy things such as spending as much as I can using my credit card, making as many promises as I can even those outrageous promises, because if the world ends, who will chase my debt, who will fault me for not keeping my promises?

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