How I Decorate My Christmas Tree

Today, I’d like to share something special to you. I’m sorry if I’m missing the Weekly Photo Challenges – they’ll come a little late.

It’s Christmas time and every in the world, people are gathering within their family, among their friends, buying gifts, giving and receiving them, preparing Christmas dinner, and most of all, putting up the Christmas tree.

christmas tree

This year, my dad decided to buy a real tropical pine, not the fake ones that we used to have.

It’s great to decorate it!

But today, I’m going to actually write about how I used to decorate my Christmas tree, back when I was still a child and when I had huge boxes full of Christmas decorations. Now they’ve become so old that they are broken and we had to throw them away a few years back.

I had in fact a special kind of ritual when it came to decorate the Christmas tree. Unfortunately it didn’t work the same in my sister’s and brother’s mind, but what I basically did was that…

The tree was a story book.

tropical pine christmas tree

I remember I would begin my story from the bottom, under the tree. I would place various little decorations which could not be hung onto the branches, but I would never throw them away. For me, everything should be a part of Christmas. It was a whole community. And those under the tree were very special because, aside from my shoes, they would be the guardians of the gifts from Santa Claus.

nativity scene

Then I would go up, higher and higher as I carefully hung or place the decorations among the branches of the Christmas tree… I would always choose the place of each piece depending upon the story: will the red ball be friends with the bells? Will the angel look over them, at the back or in front? One Father Christmas below, and the other one higher up nearer to the star…

christmas decoration gold angel

And the star… oh that was the king of the tree. It made the whole story of Christmas complete. It was the very last piece I would put up on top of the tree. It was the ultimate guardian of the whole population of the tree.

christmas golden star

Indeed, as my ritual would end, I would have given life to a whole community. A community of bells, boots, balls, angels, gifts, Santa Clauses… and all could talk! In the story at least.

decorated christmas tree

We couldn’t place the star up this time because this tree wouldn’t hold it, but well, since there are no more those guardians of the gifts below the tree… I just put the star under the tree.

Sincerely, I had forgotten about this childish habit of mine to create a story as I would decorate the tree, but what triggered the memories this year was this:

snowy christmas ball

A new piece! A new habitant of my Christmas tree. Actually there are two of it. It’s a gorgeous Christmas ball, iced with snow as if! It just awakened my Christmas spirit this year! So magical 🙂

Please, feel free to adopt the ritual and tell it to everyone you know; I’m sharing it with you so that I may never forget it again.

Merry Christmas to you all!

An Evil Nymph.

PS: You can find all of these photos in my Instagram: AnEvilNymph.

22 thoughts on “How I Decorate My Christmas Tree

  1. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013. Do pat ourselves on the back that we survive. Rejoice and treasure every little things, every little moments and the people who are around us.

  2. I wasn’t much for decorating the tree, however I liked it when the angel goes on. We used to have a star for the longest time. One that lit up. Then my parents got a nice little angel to put on the tree a while ago.
    I think my niece is more into the tree decorating now. All her tree ornaments are on it now. LOL she kept pestering Grandpa to put it up. Put up the tree.
    Merry Christmas, Daphnee!!
    I nominated you for awards 🙂

  3. I love the idea of guardian gifts under the tree! I have kept many, many ornaments over the years that don’t make it on the tree since my trees have become smaller in size. But I would never throw them out because of sentimental reasons. Beautiful post my dear. And I love your new snow ball ornaments 🙂

    I wish you a joyous holiday with loved ones.


  4. Good morning Evilny,Thank you for keeping in touch.Have a blessed new year.Jalal

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