The New Year

by evilnymphstuff

Here’s this week’s contribution to Picture it & Write:

new year fireworks

I stared at the starry night that offered this last day of the year. All my people were in joy, in celebration. It would be soon the end, yet the beginning. No one and nothing would dare miss this day, this hour. All the stars were present. All the colours in the sky as well: blue, purple, red, pink…

Midnight would soon strike.

I stood up on the highest peak of the planet, waiting for the new year, like I did punctually these past years and like those who were before me. I could see everything from here. The houses, the forests, the sea… I was watching over them all.

I hoped that she would not come.

No, there was no sign of her. And the countdown had started already.











As the needles of all the clocks of the world struck on twelve, I thrust my hand up in the air and a huge wave of light came out of it. It reflected all the colours around me. It burst out as fireworks high up in the sky. It shone brighter than the stars, than the artificial lights down there.

It was magic.

It was the wonder of a new start.

It was hope for the whole world.

Most of all, it was my job. Because I was the Mastermind of Light, born to be all mighty good, destined to use my powers to enlighten my people.

“You’re late,” I said even before I saw her.

She had come after all.

Once my best friend, next my lover and last my worst enemy. It was her.

I heard her chuckle behind me. It was a dark evil sound. “Long time no see,” she said.

I heard the swish of her long dress on the grassy floor. She was coming closer, next to me. Still, I did not look at her. I had not seen her for a whole year. She had left me, left us all alone. I lived a peaceful year for the very first time.

But she was back. And I knew it all along. I knew she would have come. She was surely tired of that peace, of my light. She would surely like to spread her chaos once again over the planet.

And as usual, we would fight and I would win.

Wouldn’t I?

But I was tired as well. I was bored. Thus I did not stop her when she went in front of me, her hands up high. Her dark hair flew with the wind and her black eyes…

The Mastermind of Chaos.

“What will you do now?” she asked. “Fight? Or just let me be?” She laughed. “I know your heart. I can feel your dark side. Because even light has its shadow…”

She thrust a shower of black smoke up in the sky to kill all my lights. The stars disappeared. The sky went dark red. Her laugh was ringing in my ears. She stared back at me.

“Goodbye, my darling.”

An Evil Nymph.

PS: this story was inspired by my novel-in-progress which concerns Masterminds…

PSS: Thank you all so much, dear readers, since I recently reached 500 followers! If you haven’t seen it on An Evil Nymph’s facebook page, here it is:

500 followers on wordpress

Enjoy this second day of the new year!

14 Comments to “The New Year”

  1. wish you a good start in 2013!

  2. Congratulations on this feat :)

  3. You know what that sounds like light pollution who is to say that this isn’t what is actually happening? Good story.

  4. Sometimes we are the victims of being ourselves. Are you going to be putting any more of the story on the blog? Congratulations on your 500, MD!

  5. An amazing way to start the year, “it was magic.

    It was the wonder of a new start.

    It was hope for the whole world.

    Most of all, it was my job. Because I was the Mastermind of Light, born to be all mighty good, destined to use my powers to enlighten my people.” I bet 2013 will be full of magic and fireworks! Happy New Year!

  6. Glad to reconnect with you this year …
    •.★♥★Happy New Year to You & Yours!★♥★.•

  7. Congrats on the 500, M. D! That’s a great achievement. :) The story was intriguing although I feel like we need to know about them and their past. Why didn’t he fight? Great work anyway! I’m just too curious. :P Hope you had a great New Years! :)

    – Ermisenda

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