My 2013 Goals!

by evilnymphstuff

I am not the type of person who every year makes a list of resolutions. But there are things that I keep in mind, things that I wish for, things that I want to happen during the year.

These are my goals of the year.

goal 2013

For this new year 2013, I want to:

1. Focus on writing.

Last year I wanted to publish a novel, but instead I did two drafts of two new stories, thanks to Camp NaNo and NaNo itself, so this year, I am taking one of them and I’m editing/second drafting/arranging! I’m going to the next level and I’m definitely getting more serious about my writing. It’s my dream to become a published writer, and maybe a famous and full-time one later, after all…

And I sincerely hope that in the end of 2013, I am left with at least one polished and completed novel, ready to be published.

Or already published?

writing a novel step by step the beginning chapter 1

Indeed, that would be great, but the thing is that I have to…

2. Work hard at school, focus on my studies.

That’s mainly because it’s going to be my very last year in college and just after that, I’m jumping to the university level! But first, hi A-levels of doom! Yes, those who are doing A-levels would absolutely agree with me. A lot of pressure and high expectations and late night revisions waiting for me…


A-levels Cambridge examinations

God help me!

It’s too bad that I still don’t know what to do in university though, or else I would have been more motivated, I believe, so that’s why…

3. Find where I stand.

I want to finally find my whole identity. I want to know – no, to be sure of – where I’m going. Who am I? What’s my mission? Of course, this inner fulfilment is a long process which had started even before I began to write about this teen complexity on this blog. But I know that every year, my life gets better, clearer. That’s why I wish for this all the time.

inner peace and self fulfilment

And it is only when I will find my self, accept it and make peace with it that I will be at rest. I will then be fully complete. Happy. :)

What are your goals for this year?

An Evil Nymph.

50 Responses to “My 2013 Goals!”

  1. Go for it, evil Nymph… ;-)

  2. Good luck in all your goals! Will always be here to back you 900%! :) :)

  3. Great goals! :)

    I know you’re going to do awesome! ^^

  4. You shall do it! I love the typewriter- wish I still had one..Now all you see are the keys made into jewelry.

  5. That all sounds very practical and doable, daph… Just a little bite of that apple at a time will see you enjoying it, whilst getting the nourishment needed….! :)

  6. NIce goals, :) I want to wish you luck, but something tells me you do not need luck because you have drive and talent, so instead I will say, enjoy your year, and I hope you keep us updated on your progress. :)

  7. I have a feeling 2013 is going to be your year :-) Al the best :-)

  8. Good luck, Daphnee! These are worthy goals and I have all the faith in world in you!

    And thanks so much for the shout-out on my post :)

  9. Good luck in all your goals!

  10. An inspiring list of goals for 2013. The last one got my attention. Sometimes I get so caught up with my adult work and responsibilities, worries , etc., that it’s easy to forget where I stand. I think every year, we should reflect of what we have become and what we hope to be.

  11. “my life gets better, clearer…” – wish you permanently walking such a line through your 2013!

  12. The goals that you put here should be achievable! Wish that in 2013, your book will be successfully published and sold like hot cakes.

  13. Good luck my friend! Happy 2013! :)

  14. Those are great goals. I hope they all work out. I don’t make goals about publishing anymore, not at least about getting things published, but I’ve made a goal to submit as much stuff as I can. Hopefully something works out. :) Good luck and have a great year!

  15. You are very organized and motivated so I have no doubt you will achieve all your goals. Can 2013
    be better than 2012? :)

  16. I love your blog and I think you have the stuff to write a book, be published and to be famous. It is because of all of that I am nominating you for the REALITY Blog Award. I know many people do not participate in blog awards but I am nominating you because I feel you deserve it. I hope you see it as the compliment it is meant to be. If you so choose to accept this award please visit for the rules. You are a great read and I am looking forward to your future posts.

  17. Maybe the novel presents the biggest challenge.

  18. I believe you’ll accomplish them all, so I don’t think wishing you good luck is necessary :) Oh, and yes, A Levels are murder! What subjects are you planning to write, other than English?

    • Aww thanks for believing in me. I’m doing French, Literature in English and Maths as main subjects, then General Paper and Sociology as subsidiary ones :P What about you?

      • Oooh, French! I’m thinking of an internship with Green Peace and it’s necessary to speak at least one foreign language plus English, and I’m eying French even if it’s because it such a beautiful language and dreams of going to the city of lights! I’m currently studying Biology (2nd year), Chemistry and AS Maths. Did I tell you I wrote English Language last year? I think I picked it up late and I’m not too cheery about the results coming out soon, if anything I’ll write it again.

      • Sociology is cool and I hear the General is very good, I’d like to know what you think when you begin and the others too.

      • I’ve already begun. It’s my second year doing those subjects. We usually prepare for the A-levels during 2 consecutive years. They’re interesting but sometimes tricky and there’s a lot to learn!

  19. Not a resolution person either but if I did, they’d be along the lines of yours. Because when I grow up I want to be just like you, lol. Your goals are realistic, rational and reasonable. You will get there and further, I am certain. Always amazed at your wisdom and ability to accomplish so much, Daphnee – such an inspiring young woman! :) xo <3 <3 <3


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