I Hope You Are Not Narrow-Minded

narrow-mindedNarrow-mindedness kills, you know?

It prosecutes, with no mercy. It spreads fear and sadness. It divides.

My father once told me not to write controversial, unconventional stories or ‘blasphemous’ ones. I read between the lines: people will judge and condemn – their narrow-mindedness will crush me down.

So I tried. To do as he had said.

But I couldn’t.

My first NaNoWriMo novel? It has Angel Gabriel being a sinner in it. Arthurian stories? There’s incest between Morgan and Arthur. My 12-year-old stories? Love between cousins.

Then in almost all of my stories, the evil is always good. I mean, I tend to sympathise a lot with the villain… and make him/her my protagonist, while he/she might also be my antagonist.

Why can’t I write something normal?

Normal… I just wasn’t born for that, I guess.

uniqueness apples

And this time, the novel-in-progress I’m currently working on… is focused on a lesbian love story. Including the evil being good. Including an apocalypse and chaos… (given the working title: Child Of Chaos)

Everyday I open MS Word (although I should be using Scrivener by now) and type some more words, edit already written paragraphs from the first draft, etc… and at times, I just stop and think.

I think back on what my father had said.

And I’m scared.

But somehow, I believe that many people have forgotten that a story… is just a story. It’s nothing more. If something displeases someone in a novel, he/she should not prosecute the writer or whatever.

Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote The Mists of Avalon where she condemns the Church and sides with the old religion, namely witchcraft. But in reality she is a very faithful Catholic, and she remained as such until she died.

Dan Brown (you already know what he wrote – it made such a scandal that I still remember the priest in my local church telling us not to read his book) is not really an atheist. He is a Christian, but who simply questions his own religion. Aren’t we allowed to do that? And whatever he said in The DaVinci Code it doesn’t mean that he thinks it to be true. We shouldn’t believe whatever the books try to tell us. They are here only to entertain. They convey stories, but not necessarily the truth.

And I heard that some people even dare to condemn Harry Potter because they believe that it’s going to influence children into practising witchcraft? Come on…

Why do some people take fiction so seriously?

Writing a lesbian story doesn’t necessarily mean that the writer is a lesbian. I’m not a lesbian, I’m bi actually… but does it really matter?

And I never committed incest, just so you know.

In the video a few lines above – a TEDtalk hehe, yes you’ll love it! – Elif Shafak underlines about everything I’ve just written. A story is only a story. It’s not necessarily connected to the writer. Writers are free to write whatever they wish, I believe. It’s only fiction for God’s sake!

So, dear readers, you’ve been warned. I’m not a conventional writer. Thus, I really hope you are not narrow-minded.

Anyway, whatever people say, nothing will stop me from writing! 🙂 Nothing should. And this applies to all of you, writers, aspiring or published!

An Evil Nymph.

31 thoughts on “I Hope You Are Not Narrow-Minded

  1. I love that you just write and though the world is full of narrow minded people I think they may have hope by reading what you write……maybe, just maybe it will open their minds because I think that’s what reading is all about…..reading is by its very definition an exercise in opening the mind whether it be fiction or non. Thanks for being one that participates in the mind opening experience.

  2. A story is just a story! Hopefully people know that! Life is too short to worry constantly about what other people think though, just be yourself otherwise if you’re trying to be someone else, you’ll soon be staring in the mirror at a very unhappy stranger. Write what you love, what inspires you, write for yourself, and if you’ve done it to the best of your ability and you know deep inside yourself you’re happy with it, that you could do no more or better, then no matter how many people say ‘i don’t like it’, you can shrug and say ‘well, can’t please everyone, but somewhere, sometime I’ll please someone and at the very least I’ve pleased myself.’ 😀

  3. Remember in Back to the Future when Marty’s father said, “I don’t know if I can handle that kind of rejection”? One day it occurred to me, “My God, that’s me. When did this happen?” I decided if I was going to not die in total anonymity I would have to put that away. As I write paranormal fiction, it still crops up, especially when I have characters like angels and I think, “This will probably offend someone.” But I’m not writing for those people anyway. I’m writing first for myself, and I choose to share it with others. Anyway, great thought-provoking blog you have here and I really like the videos and pictures you choose. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I often have this frame of mind as well, But then I always remind myself that I write for myself first indeed! And I love to share what I write 🙂 Thanks for reading and you’re welcome!

  4. Narrow-mindedness…?
    – don’t know the word… 🙂 😉

    But have heard that it can get people to stumble
    – because people can’t see their own feet… 😉

  5. Unfortunately narrow-mindedness is primal with some people. Those guided and ruled by fear. No amount of reasoning will free them. Are the “evil” characters in your stories driven by fear? And do they display narrow-mindedness? Maybe I should read one of your stories, if they are posted and decide for myself 🙂

  6. Daph, regardless of what you write (fact or fiction) there will be those who will like it, and those who won’t. If it is ‘your truth’ or ‘not’ this is not really the point. People judge everything based on their own experiences. If those experiences come from fear, they will have a fear based opinion. If they fear ‘difference’ they will judge depending upon those fear based differences. We cannot please everyone, nor should we try. In the end we can only be true to ourselves. This will please some, and displease others. However, what is important is to be ‘true to ourselves’ and let the coins land where they will… Write on, Daph, and enjoy the you who is unique. 🙂

  7. I hate it when people are narrow minded. I try to keep an open mind myself, but I’ll admit I’m rather close-minded about religion. And sometimes I adopt the attitude of being more knowledgeable, though I’m not afraid to ask for help most of the time. This really hit home for me, thanks for writing it.

  8. I do find that it often happens that people think authors always agree with all of their characters, which doesn’t even make sense logically, since the villains and heroes are presumably opposed. It does make me a little bit reluctant to necessarily share my stories with friends, especially the erotic ones, because I’m worried they’ll judge me for what I’ve written, thinking that I’m pro-everything in the stories.

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    Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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