Gangnam Mauritian Style?!

The video Gangnam Style (which I obviously won’t have to link here because everyone know what I’m talking about) by PSY has become such a viral success around the globe in so little time, that, with the blink of an eye, I found myself in that K-pop addictive boat as well, heading towards an adventure I could never have imagined…

Millions of fans and organisations around the world have been doing their own parody/flash mob/imitation of Gangnam Style on YouTube.

And when, in 2012, our end of year exams were done and the summer holidays had just begun, I realised that we would be next.

Well, I mean, the Mauritius K-Pop Fans.

I’m not a K-pop fan and I’m not even in that group, but a very close friend of mine, Cecilia, is and she and other friends had decided to do a parody of Gangnam by their own means. Funny thing is, I got embarked as well.

Thus, the video above is the final result of what we made during the holidays, filled with fun, laughs, good memories…

And an awesome team work.

Thank you Cecilia for including me on board! It was a one-in-a-lifetime teen experience!

Please support us by watching, rating and commenting on the video!

And maybe we’ll make another one this year? 😉

An Evil Nymph.

22 thoughts on “Gangnam Mauritian Style?!

  1. I like it. 🙂 So you live in Mauritius? That is very cool. It looks like a very beautiful country. I live in Korea, so we get a lot of Gangnam Style here, of course. I still like it, even after hearing it so much.

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