An Immortal Child

Here’s this week’s Picture it & Write, and my contribution:

little smoking girl in black and white photograph


Dear An Evil Nymph,

I am sick. Sick and tired of this life. A thousand years had passed since I was born as a vampire. No, I was bitten, like everyone else. I was only a baby at that time. Left to myself.

I grew up only until the age of ten. But in my mind, I felt old. I had learnt everything – different languages, different cultures, different traditions… And now there’s nothing left for my brain to suck up.

I began to smoke and drink. I looked like a mere child, but I always got everything I wanted. You know very well my ways…

Blood. So many flavours, so many opportunities. Who would ever doubt a child? All my victims fell into my trap, and once they fell, there was no going out.

I am writing to you from a playground, a lit cigarette between my fingers. Children like me are running like crazy around me and playing within and onto those strange despicable metal and colourful things…

No one is paying attention to me. Either I was considered by adults as a little ignorant girl who should go to school, or I was being teased foolishly by children.

You were the only one to have noticed me.

Do you remember that day?

I was in a similar playground, in France, does this trigger your memory? There was that lake… It was night time. And you came out of the waters…

And you came to me.

I knew you would understand me. You were different. You were immortal, just like me.

But your place was in the water. And mine was on land.

We were young then. Thirsty for adventures.

But now I just want to go home. Except that I don’t have a home.

And I miss you terribly.

Now, I’m in Australia, on the other side of the globe. Should I come to you or you to me?

Please, give me a sign.



An Immortal Child.

26 thoughts on “An Immortal Child

      1. If I remember well, it’s Ermilia’s short paragraph which went with it that inspired this vampire idea, or another contribution, I’m not sure. Usually when I check on the Picture it & Write I don’t think about it or on what I will write because I have a specific blog schedule and thus note down that the Picture it & Write post will be on *date*. Then do I really stare at the picture and think about what I might write on. The thing is the idea comes smoothly, but I can never know the source: the picture at first or one contribution I read?
        I usually never think for too long before writing fiction on my blog, because I just like the way the words might flow by themselves and see how people would react. And no editing of any sorts.

  1. Ha, I was thinking this was going to be like Dear Abbie and you were going to give her some advice at the end. Are you still immortal, or has something cursed you to be mortal now?

  2. Very interesting spin using the immortal theme. Fascinating twist having her bitten as a baby and then grow to ten year’s old. As always, I enjoyed your contribution 🙂

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