Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

by evilnymphstuff

Illumination… An interesting theme to tackle since New Year celebrations have just passed… Thus I photographed little fireworks :D (the one that we place on the ground and which remains on the ground even when we light it up!)

little ground fireworks

little fireworks

All right, this one is a wrongly shot photo, but I kind of find it cool. Hehe.

And here’s my little philosophical interpretation of ‘illumination’:

Illumination… Colours… Lights. To lighten up our year, the new year 2013… To celebrate and feel good about life.

All I wish for is for light to guide me on the path I have chosen to take.

And I wish you all the same :)

What is your interpretation of ‘Illumination’?

An Evil Nymph.

PS: Wait… why are my photos like… 90 degrees upside down? God… Nevermind…

21 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination”

  1. Thank you for the mention! Nice photos and interpretation of illumination. May your 2013 be full of light!

  2. Nice! I’ve never done anything like that before. Great idea for the photo!
    And by the way, I’ve nominated you for a blogging award :D

  3. That is funny. My cousins in Central America taught me how to light up fireworks on the ground..quite an experience he he he

    Yes I had to tilt my head but that`s ok, im an active viewer ;)

  4. I agree… to illuminate a brighter year for us! cheers! Although it looks like your photos are screaming to be turned clockwise :)

    • Thanks! Cheers :)
      Haha well since I had already clicked ‘published’ when I found out about the mistake, I thought I didn’t mind much because as a blogger I like to show that I’m as human as everybody and thus all my posts can’t be perfect. Lol I can literally hear the screams!

  5. nice selection for the challenge!

  6. I kinda like looking at things sideways. Until I get dizzy, that is :) Good luck this year!

  7. Oooh! We lit a few just like that one on New Years too. Illumination: knowledge and (like you said) guidance.

  8. My wish too for 2013 is a path illuminated with light that brings comfort, peace, hope and bright dreams ahead. happy 2013!


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