The Most Tragic Love Story

Another Picture it & Write! And my contribution to this week’s picture…

girl suicides in bath tub


The most tragic of all love stories is one in which two people secretly love each other and yet…

Tracy thought that she had never met such a man as Kev. To any girl of the school, he was just like any other guy: not too muscular, nor too fragile; not too keen on sports, nor too geeky; not too handsome, nor too disgusting. He had plain dark eyes and hair, and his dressing code was rather the same every day: a boring T-shirt and a used pair of jeans.

Yet there was something about him that Tracy was unable to explain in words. Only her heart spoke when she first saw him as he turned out to have been transferred in her class, at the beginning of her last year of high school.

No, Kev was not an ordinary guy. There was something more than just a student. He had a unique personality, an original perspective of things…

Obviously, they became friends soon. Good friends. Very good friends.

Did they then fall in love with each other? Tracy only knew that she was madly in love with Kev, but she could not tell at all whether her feelings were being reciprocated. As much as she was seduced by his outstanding personality and depth of mind, she was also attracted to his shy attitude.

Somehow, often she fell that there was something he was keeping from her. It was all right though, since she was not the kind to be too invading into someone else’s private life.

But somehow, it also often irritated her.

Months flew away, yet her feelings did not. And at last, she decided to admit her feelings. Her friends would tell her to wait, since she was the girl… so what? She loved him. It was all that mattered.

She felt the need to tell him. She had to get it out.

Although it would be probable that his response could break her heart…

Anyway, she would take the risk. She expected nothing in return. She plainly wanted him to know.

“I love you.”

The three most difficult words she had ever had to utter. It was early in the morning, outside in the school yard. A fresh breeze was blowing through her hair and clothes. She had never been that nervous, especially when she turned around and saw Kev coming to her in his usual nonchalant way. He waved at her and she did the same, while inside, her stomach was doing summersaults.

Would she ruin their friendship if she ever did what she was about to do?

No… Yes?

Back at home, she was found in her bath tub. The water was cold against her skin. Slowly, she sank into it… Only her feet were leaning against the white marbled tiles of the bathroom and her hands were tightly gripping the borders of the tub, already drained of their colour.

Kev did not feel the same way for her.

They had parted in mutual friendship, since he was not the kind of guy who would cut any bonds between his very good best friend girl. They had parted in smiles, but Tracy knew that it would not last long before she broke down.

She opened her eyes under the water. Everything around her was blurry… just like her life. She was crying, although she could not feel her tears. What was she to do now?

How would she be able to live on and still be his best friend after that?

She heard her heart banging against her chest. Soon, she knew she would be out of oxygen. Did she even care?

Black dots started to appear in front of her as her heartbeats slowed… and slowed…

She opened her mouth, readily giving in to the water pressure… letting the waves swim through her throat, into her body… into her lungs…

It hurt… so much.

“Tracy? Are you ready yet? Dinner is ready!”

She let her hands slip.

A splash of water. The bathroom was stained with its droplets.

It was over.


All right, this picture inspired me so much that I won’t write only fiction in this post.

spoilersAnd let me reassure you: Tracy did not drown herself. In the end she came out of the water and that’s why there was the splash. “It was over” just meant that she had taken another decision: she would bury her feelings for Kev forever. She would not waste her friendship over some trivial feelings.

It would take time eventually to get over this, but she knew she could do it.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because this is not the actual tragedy. It’s not yet the most tragic love story.

Let me explain further…

The thing is, this kind of situation happens to many of us.

And what could be worse than being rejected by the one you love the most?

Somehow, I didn’t write Kev’s side of the story.

But before I tell you his side of the story, I need to tell you that I’ve heard, been told and read a lot of common situations, and this I believe is the most tragic part of an unrequited love story:

In fact, Kev lied to Tracy.

He was as much crazy in love with her as she was.

But why did he lie??

There are many reasons why some people decide not to admit their feelings. I’ve heard a lot, like: their parents did not approve, their future was unstable, lack of money/time/whatever to get engaged into a relationship, it is their last year of high school together and it would only break them more if they got involved emotionally now…

Yes, this does not only happen in movies… It happens in real life as well.

And it’s just so sad. Don’t you think?

The most tragic of all love stories is one in which two people secretly love each other and yet, when one finally decides to admit his/her feelings, the other one just lies about his/her own for personal reasons, preferring to break the other person’s heart rather than to get into further trouble than he/she might be already.

I know that we are in the age of reason, where feelings don’t matter much anymore, when every decision is taken rationally. When the brain wins over the heart. When we hide our feelings for the sake of materialism/the harsh reality/ambition…

Is it wise to do so?

Yes and no.

Sincerely? I just have no idea.

What do you think?

An Evil Nymph.

40 thoughts on “The Most Tragic Love Story

  1. Very well written… 🙂

    It isn’t easy, but I think following what one feel in ones heart or more correct what one feel with ones heart is the best choice – whatever it’s a yes or no… 🙂

  2. I lived this for the past 3 years.I have no answers anymore, optimism left. Find it again.I am trying too.

      1. I love life !!! I know it will happen but thank you for your support- truly and your blog 🙂

    1. Thanks! I would have initially let her die, but then non-fiction thoughts came thus I had to put the story back into real life, though individually she died. I like to be morbid in fiction 😉

  3. Fantastic! Silly Kev. Those stories of unrequited love are the most bitersweet. Great writing. Thanks for contributing this week.

    – Ermisenda

  4. It’s sad and true. I have a story playing in my head for the past couple months that follows a very similar line … Maybe some people are insecure, don’t think they’re worthy enough, perhaps afraid of another broken heart or if it hasn’t been shattered already he/she might be daunted at the thought of someone having such an influence over their hearts, scared of the hurt of a likely betrayal or if the feelings of the other had run their course.

    You’re right, there are so many reasons for a person to hide affection from someone he/she loves. I’m sorry for the both of them, and I can’t bludger Kevin without knowing his reason, but what if he had told Tracy that he did indeed love her and the reason he can’t? Nicely done, Daph!

    1. These are interesting reasons you’re pointing at. So many possible ones…
      I just hate it when someone decides to hide the truth like that, but fortunately some people do so, though it’s not totally their faults. We all always believe that we make the right choice… and maybe it is the right one… but indeed, the question arises: what if Kev had told her the truth? So many scenarios…
      Thanks for reading and commenting as always Devina 🙂

  5. Another excellent piece 🙂 Sadly, we are all tempted to tell lies when faced with something we aren’t ready for. It’s easier than trying to think on our feet and come up with a real answer. Your notes highlight that very well 🙂

  6. Nice story. As a fiction inventor, i find it really mystical that at the level of friendship built between Tracy and Kev, the emotions didn’t just take them over. This reminds me of my most recent breakup from a relationship of 9 months with a cool, quiet guy who never let me know any other person but him and professes love and marriage even though we live apart but i believed in him. Now that he got a job to transfer him to my location, after which we would talk about settling down – medicals says he is hiv . Imagine that? I don’t know if to believe it or not but it does sound lik Kev’s behavior to me (by the way, i am ok- tested neg as i was not intimate wit him). Wish i could write about it on my site ( but that could be more shock to my friends and family than me (i would give to any other site that would appreciate it as a true life story. Just felt like sharin here. But like Tracy though, i am getting over it.

  7. I think when you truly love someone you shouldn’t let anything get in the way.Unless its something really serious like HIV or cancer or something that he’s doing to spare the girl’s feeling – you know the whole thing about if you love someone you should let them go and be happy if they’re happy. And if that was the reason then I don’t know what to think because I can honestly say I am way too selfish to let the person I love be happy with someone else.

  8. One of the things I’ve written about is two same-sex friends where one confesses the love and the other must deal with the emotions. I’ve written it with three very different endings. I also wrote a version of your story where Tracy can’t bring herself to tell Kev so she writes all her feelings to him and he responds by angrily telling her that her letter is only evidence of how mixed up she is and she doesn’t love him. In a more tragic version of that, Kev actually shares her letter with other friends who humiliate her publicly for what she wrote.

    So what do I think? I think feelings are everything and reason just gets in the way. Love is too important to let reason get in the way. Instinctively, we all know it and that’s why we’ve been writing about it for centuries. Hearts will be stronger for having shared love. They will be weaker for having hidden it.

    1. That’s awesome. I love how you are so filled with imagination, with new brilliant stories all the time!
      Oh god, that’s awful, and it’s too bad that these kinds of situations do happen.
      Nice thoughts on love 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

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