The Art Of Planning A Blog

Let me tell you that I have a blogging schedule, but that I don’t have one. Yes, I love paradoxes lately.

blogging artWhat I mean is that when I first started this blog, I had absolutely no clue where I was going with it. I posted at random, writing without being specialised in any niche, many posts a day or how often I wanted to publish something in the blogosphere during the week.

Then I started to have an audience. A small one at first of course, but for me, one faithful reader was enough for me to become a little more organised on my blog, since I’d despise myself for confusing or overwhelming any followers of mine.

Here’s how the schedule finally came into place: I would write and publish one post every two or three days. Meanwhile, I also had to visit my readers’ blogs, since they wasted some of their precious time to visit mine. Thus mail checking also became a part of my blogging schedule, including reading the blogs I had followed. Also I soon decided to plan my posts, so that in each of them, I will discuss about something specific, instead of doing random ramblings. It’s fun actually. I always noted down a few titles as blog posts ideas then, when the time comes, I just write about it and only about what has been precisely specified in the chosen title in the post. Rule: never go irrelevant.

Then, the cycle went on: mail checking…

Thus, it pretty got overwhelming for me.

blogging a blog

Why I still did not have a schedule although I had one? Well, as you can still tell, I don’t write on a fixed and particular subject. I talk a lot about writing, but then I also write fiction, post songs and poems, guest posts on teens and dating, write on teens myself, get carried away with fashion and girl stuff…

Oh and how could I forget that famous Weekly Photo Challenge?

busy scheduleSo it seems that my blog is between a professional schedule and a just-for-fun one. And it is still like that and it will still be like that.

Well, who knows, maybe if I succeed in my future writing career, my blog will focus on writing only so as to help others having the same dream and wishing to realise it…

And why exactly am I telling you all this?

Because I want to make some little changes to my blogging schedule, my plan, which I like to share so that you, readers, know exactly what’s going on here. Remember, I won’t let you feel confused at any moment!

I think I’m gradually heading to that rigid professional way of planning a blog. See for yourself.

I used to write randomly at intervals of two to three days, but as from this week:

Monday: A random post of mine (anything that will compel you to THINK! As an evil nymph ;))

Wednesday: Weekly photo challenge (thus amateur photography)

Friday: My Picture it & Write contribution (thus fiction)

 weekly schedule

On weekends I’ve decided to take over my makeup blog again (check it out: Makeup Is Art) and if there are any guest posts submitted to me, I’ll publish them and then… do the maximum of homework I can! (A-levels are going to be the hell of hard work!) While, of course, preparing the plan for the following week.

How does that sound?

Of course, in between my posts, I will check my mail, respond to your comments, read blogs, accept guest posts…



What about your way of planning your blog? Do you have a blogging schedule or not?

An Evil Nymph.


PS: You can follow this blog’s progress also on its Facebook page and on my Twitter!


59 thoughts on “The Art Of Planning A Blog

  1. I appreciate you sharing your process. I don’t have a schedule. For six months I posted everyday. Now it’s less. In the beginning posting everyday helped me to establish myself. I just allowed the character of my blog, or its ‘brand’ if you will, to develop organically based on my personality. My approach to blogging is free and easy — I just speak on a situation that I have passion for on any given day — I try to infuse it with humor, usually dark.

    1. It’s a pleasure.
      It’s an interesting freestyle way of dealing with your blog. I like it in fact but unfortunately I can’t do that because of my real-life schedule. 😛
      Thanks for sharing your view!

  2. Blogging does take a lot of work, what with writing, posting, reading others’ posts, commenting, replying to comments… I love it though. It has a great feeling of community. I think it’s good to have a schedule, but not constrain yourself in terms of topics. Blogging is about self-expression and freedom.

  3. Great post. I’m in the process of trying to figure out how to tighten things up myself — I’ve spent just about all my free ‘creative’ time on my blog over the past couple months, at the expense of letting other projects fall by the wayside, and now that I’m going to be far more pressed for time I feel that a more concrete plan is in order.

    When you start out, I think that it is best to just dive in and experiment, see what works best for you and what you enjoy, and what people respond to: don’t be afraid to make a mess. Eventually, though, you’ll want to start having that fun lump of clay start to take a more defined, orderly, and artistic form.

  4. Excellent post! And your blog is wonderful. A blog is like having a puppy. Who is going to watch the puppy.., I mean blog!

  5. I think most peoples blogs morph a bit in response to their readers. I don’t have a schedule. I just tend to post when an idea comes to mind. Sometimes those ideas are a result of reading something on a friends blog. The Weekly Photo Challenge is one I regularly try to take part in as photography is something I enjoy a lot.

    Good luck with keeping to your schedule and good luck with the A-Levels 🙂

  6. I was coming to terms with my own blogging schedule not long before you have now. I post Haikus/Poetry on Monday, random illustrations on Wednesday and a journal post on sunday. It means I have at least a day or two to plan and write my content for the following post.

    1. Exactly! Gives some days off in between to prepare the post well 🙂 although I like to be a pantser, write without thinking beforehand, just following the title I chose…

  7. You’re a dedicated blogger, Daphnee! And so sweet to stay so organized for us =P

    I have a blogging schedule now of posting only once a week, usually on Wednesdays. I find it’s hard for me now to post any more frequently — writing a new blog post and replying to comments can be time-consuming. And even visiting my blogroll and readers’ blogs is getting extremely difficult for me to keep up with! So I like to give myself at least a week to get a good discussion going on my latest post and also see how many other blogs I can get to reading before posting the next one!

    1. Aww that’s so sweet Janice, thank you!
      I totally understand. It is overwhelming, and that’s when we realised that blogging is much much more than just writing posts. We are part of an active community 🙂
      Thanks for taking some of your precious time to come and visit!

  8. I applaud your regular posting!! 😀 it’s great that you’re putting so much effort into your blog, makes everything feel very professional. 😛
    Because I don’t expect my magazines to skip a week either, you know?
    The schedule sounds good, good luck!

    1. It’s nice to do so. Somehow that’s about exactly what I’m going to do on Mondays 😉 Haha well let them unsubscribe. I prefer to have subscribers who accept me as I am and who are sincere.

  9. You are organized! LOL. Never a waste of time to read your blog! I have weeded out the ones that I don’t connect to. I am still here!!! See??? Even though we are not close in age… I connect with you in certain ways… maybe I see you where I used to be… maybe you inspire me… maybe I think I can offer you some kind of wisdom and at the same time appreciate what you teach me…. No, not a waste… And I GET that you didn’t know where you were going and then how an audience of even just one made a difference in your perspective! Great post!
    Once again.

    1. I’m glad you appreciate my posts 🙂 Sure I see ^^ That’s interesting; it’s awesome to find someone whom I can connect to as well! Thanks a lot for reading and for your nice comments!

  10. Sensible and eye opener.Thank you for liking ( l wish you know )Warms wishes dear friend.jalal

  11. A schedule would be very helpful . . . I am not sure why I haven’t employed one for myself, other than I do like the freedom of sitting down whenever I like, or not. Writing, all forms, brings me joy; however, working on my book is the most gratifying, and so that is where I must devote the majority of my time. Still, a schedule would be helpful . . . I’ll have to consider drafting one up!

    ~ Cara

  12. I`ve been writing blogs in SA for 10 years and have never thought to organise things, as I do it for fun and a few friends.
    Your blog has given me something to think about as I have never had many comments.On some sites I get many hits but no comments except spam.

    1. That’s all right 🙂 If it’s for fun, just do as you like it.
      Oh I see, but well to get more comments it’s not only about organization but about the connection between reader and writer/blogger. You have to be active on the blogosphere like reading and commenting on other blogs, or just ask a question at the end of every post. I don’t have a lot of views though, but anyway, I blog for fun as well so… these are just details…

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