Love Changes People…

It’s Friday! Yeah! So as promised, here’s my weekly contribution to this week’s Picture it & Write:

love changes people

Falling in love… who would ever want to even fall?

It seems like walking without looking at your feet, with the unconscious knowledge of the destination, and then suddenly, there’s a precipice.

And you fall.

Fall… into the cold water of the abandoned river, its idle waves being at once awakened by your weight. The feeling of falling is horrible. Have any one of you ever had that falling sensation while you were on the verge of sleeping or in your dreams? It is just terrifying. It feels like gravity is pulling you down, without any mercy, taking all in its arms…

And as I fall, I feel that my soul is heavier. The latter seems to be willing to fall, going down faster than my body into the darkness… the unknown.

The fear that chokes me at that moment is indescribable. I don’t want to fall, yet I feel helpless. Powerless. A victim… And gradually, I let myself fall, I relax and seal my fate…

Yet I do not reach the hard ground or the deadly surface of the water, which could both shatter me, kill me. Instead, I fall into someone’s arms…

A man. Strong muscular arms holding my body; a warm breath over my bare skin, under my neck; wet hair barely touching my face. As I turn to have a better look at him, I am completely drowned in his deep dark eyes. Hypnotized.

It is done.

I’ve been charmed.

I am under the power of Love.

Love holds me tight in his arms and slowly, his lips touch mine.

Then, I am not the same anymore. I am transformed. My heart melts as he pulls me closer, as his hands explore my hair, my back, my skin… My grip around him tightens. Nothing else matters but his presence. Nothing else exists.

It might only be months or even years later that I finally realise that I was living in an illusion. In Love.

But then, usually, Love changes people in good ways.

I am not the cold-hearted person people knew before. I am softer, kinder, more sympathetic. I find my smile to be more genuine and easier to make. I feel generous towards everyone. I feel warmed. I just have this urge to share my joy everywhere around me.

With Love, I have found happiness.

Yet, with happiness has come misery, jealousy, envy, anger… Tears. Nothing is the same anymore. I am gradually back to my former heartless self…

Thus, when this happens, I go back to that precipice. I look down, hoping to see a glimpse of Love again and think back about that first meeting… I dread of falling again, yet if I feel it, I have to. It is worth it.

I just want to be happy again.

An Evil Nymph.

33 thoughts on “Love Changes People…

  1. Women should not let themselves drown in those dark eyes that seem to convey love. Take everything with a grain of salt. and use our brain, not heart.

    1. An interesting way of seeing things. It’s true that listening to the heart is unreliable… but at times, it might be worth it. Anyway, thanks for reading and sharing your opinion!

  2. This is a lot cleaner take on the prompt than most of us have seemed to come up with. The fact that the change is not always for the best makes this more real, more believable! Nicely done.

  3. Love teaches and shows us things that we’ve never knew we had deep down, inspires and moves us. Maybe that’s why we crave it so much huh?

  4. Wonderful picture and can be all that you wrote- bitter sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the literal falling you did here! If you’ve never been skydiving, I recommend at least one tandem jump. Freefall is like that… like falling in love with the world. Good job with the prompt!

  6. Maybe love is the most risky “game” exists – opportunity to get a fabulous prize is definitely present – but you can also lose all the effort – both parts you have self-control, but so have others too – without luck it is hard, but those who seek luck is also often those who are lucky… 🙂

  7. I love how you show the constant struggle of pros and cons of love. I think love is fantastic but it’d be incredibly naive to say that love is all good. The more you love, the more extreme the negative emotions can become such as sadness, jealously, anger. Everything must be kept in check and the good things emphasised. Great writing, thought-provoking once more! Thanks for contributing this week, M.D.! 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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