Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet Kisses From Home

Since I missed last week’s photo challenge, I’m going to merge both the one I missed and this week’s into one and same post… and photo: Home and Kiss together, which makes Kisses from Home 🙂

valentine's day red rose

This is the flower that my father gave to my mother on St. Valentine’s Day. For him, it’s a tradition to honour the woman he loves every year with a beautiful fresh morning red rose. (at 6 a.m.!)

Of course, their day wasn’t over yet. It had barely begun. While I was celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends and bring-and-share chocolates, my parents went for a ride around the country, to buy their gifts and have lunch together.

Oh yes, that’s called true love.

valentine's day red rose

The harmony that thus exists within our home is the reaction of the power of love, and although the flower fades away with time, the symbolism of it never does, and every day at home we receive sweet kisses from this invisible force that unites us all…


An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet Kisses From Home

  1. You have the most romantic parents that celebrates love and each other in the most beautiful and exciting way. With love around, and yes, with kisses a plenty, we are home. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day.

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