When Evil Learns To Love…

With all that St Valentine’s Day stuff going around for a while since now more than a week, I’ve been reflecting a lot on Love. I believe that my faithful readers know that perfectly, since most of my previous posts revolve around it, whether in a romantic or gloomy way.

But recently, I’ve felt Her coming back.

And by Her, I mean, An Evil Nymph.

sexy anime girl blue power


On second thoughts, An Evil Nymph is more than my admiration for Morgan Le Fay (‘evil’) combined with my real name Daphnée (‘nymph’, Daphne the nymph from Greek mythology). An Evil Nymph is in fact my… alter ego. I mean that I have a dual nature. I am Me, but then I am also Her.

An Evil Nymph is that dark side of me, which was born together with me, and not inculcated in me. It’s the girl who contains the blackest of my emotions, like hatred, jealousy, anger, pride… She makes me depressed; she gets rid of my happiness; she makes me lust for dark thoughts… Yet she is rather of the silent type, and often hides in my shadow, only waiting for the optimum moment to spring out. Thus, I can control her.

This is not a fiction post, and what I’m trying to tell you is the truth… at least my definition of the truth.

An Evil Nymph has always been living by my side; I have always known her existence. I know that she loves to be alone and to be detached from the real world… and anyone in it. And most of all, that she is dangerous. I’ve been keeping her in the dark, trying to bring out the best of me, to be good and kind, and friendly and open… and happy. In fact, it is that dark evil side of me that motivates me to be good.

Because if I ever let her out…

I’ve already done that actually… and it was not pretty, believe me.

Because when she comes out, I become a monster. Heartless and cold and distant… EVIL!

dark night angel anime girl


Strangely, An Evil Nymph and I are like best friends in the world. Why?

Despite all she does to me, she has one great quality that I would never imagine myself to live without: She is my muse.

An Evil Nymph is that creative side of me, the one who burns alive my passion for writing, who makes my readers awe at the stories I write… She is my inspiration.

morgan le fay


Thus, to come to the former point of this post, with all that love and chocolate going around in the past few days, An Evil Nymph has been a little more dormant than usual, but now I’m feeling her rising again… Dangerously. It’s a usual thing, but… I don’t know… this time I feel that she might come to the point where she will totally unleash herself… We will then be fused again… after such a long time…

So, before I am engulfed in my monstrous transformation, if I ever reach this stage, I’d like to quickly list everything I have learnt about Love in those Valentine’s days (I don’t want to forget and at the same time it’s a pleasure to share this with you):

I love you

1. From my parents, I’ve learnt that opposites attract. 

Common interests between them? None. Complicity between them,? 100%. Amazing. No, it’s simply called the power of love 🙂

2. Love involves compromises.

Fortunately it’s always for the best 🙂 Or else it’s not love. And please, be honest with each other.

3. Love forgives.

Yes it does! Anyway, how can you be angry/reproachful for a long time with the person you love? These negative feelings in a couple exist but they just don’t last.

4. I remember from one of my teachers that there’s a difference between love and infatuation…

Infatuation doesn’t last, and even if it may last 2 years, it eventually ends and that’s when you realise the truth… Moreover, love is humble – it is the ability to bend down on our knees and accept that vulnerability in which love puts us.

There are other comparisons and ‘symptoms’ but I don’t remember much about what he had said though because it happened last year… But I remember a girl in the class retorting that sometimes it is love but then the other one does not love her back, so what is it then? The teacher replied that either it is infatuation and that she hasn’t realised it yet or that person is simply not ready yet…

5. Thus, love waits.

And that’s something I learnt last week thanks to a dear friend of mine 🙂 Indeed, love is not easy and is often a long process, nevertheless a worthy one. Either we wait for that stranger or we have already found him/her yet have to wait that he/she is ready…

6. There’s something I’ve learnt by myself, this time, and that is not to expect anything in love.

Indeed, when we love, we give without expecting anything in return. We readily fall… even though we know it will hurt. It’s a risk to take, that should be taken. Better to try at least! Don’t make excuses: I’m too young, it’s not for me, I’m not attractive… Just go for it. You might learn things at least from it.

And after all, who knows he/she is not the one in the end?

7. Also, there is no such thing as a ‘type’.

When I was in my early teens, I made up a ‘type’… I was searching for specific qualities in a person, but surprisingly, the person I end up falling in love with is the least expected one and very far from resembling my ‘type’. So why not simply let it all happen…?

Please, accept that person as he/she is, flaws and qualities, wounded and shiny. No one is perfect. There is no ideal lover…

Lower your expectations in Love, and open your heart 🙂

8. That’s why in Love you should follow your heart!

😀 Let your instincts go wild! Believe in yourself and in love.

Believe in him/her as well.

9. Finally, I’ve found out that…

True love is a way to happiness, and not happiness is a way to true love.

Don’t wait to be happy in life to finally search for love. In the end, so many opportunities would have been missed, love opportunities which could have brought happiness…


All right, enough of all this. Because She is back!

I think.

An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “When Evil Learns To Love…

  1. Beautiful lessons and advice Daph, thanks for sharing 🙂 Oh and you are so cool, The Evil Nymph sounds scary but intriguing, I hope she doesn’t cause you too much trouble!

    Stay safe, stay loved 🙂


  2. For years that picture of the blonde witch with black wings was my desktop background. I love that image!

    I have an opinion on “opposites attract”. I like to think that strengths and weaknesses can match up nicely. I like to play the piano and my wife likes to listen to me practice. Maybe she manages money well and I can make money but tend to spend it all before the bills come due. Such opposites when matched up properly can form a very powerful bond, a happy mutual dependency.

    For my own uses I find that using “them” and “they” works more elegantly than “him/her”.

    I do enjoy your posts. Sorry I don’t “Like” or comment more often. I’m always distracted by too many things I’m doing myself.

    1. LOL I love that image as well!

      Yes I agree with you 🙂 My parents are total opposites and they match up perfectly.

      Oh all right that’s a helpful grammatical advice, thanks!

      Doesn’t matter, do come and visit as often as you wish, comment/like or not.

  3. Daphne, you had me worried for a moment that one of Cupid’s arrows had struck you. Which I hope happens when you are ready, however I had an image of your writing style going all Harlequinesque on us. Glad to see the world is as it should be, balanced on the edge of creativity.

    1. Haha don’t worry, had the arrow of Cupid struck me or not, my style wouldn’t change a bit. I might make you think it did, but when you’ll read the lines further down you’ll see that this little evil nymph is always loyal to her name 😉

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