The Key To Evilness…

Here’s this week’s Picture it & Write 😀 and my contribution:



To accept what you are, is to welcome all your qualities and flaws, telling them that it’s all right for them to exist, although some can lead to your downfall while others can put you up on a pedestal.

To accept who you are, is to embrace the dual nature that lies deep within you, in the darkness corner of your soul and in the brightest.

To accept yourself in all, is to go beyond everything, follow your heart and come out victorious.

But then, it is first a struggle. A fight. War. Against what? Yourself? The people around you?

And have you ever thought whether you really were on the good side? In the right position?

“Abigail, please, think about it again.”

I turned to the young girl, who was no older than me, but who seemed so vulnerable and small in that forbidden place, and smiled feebly.

“Don’t worry, Gena, I know what I’m doing.”

I turned back to the velvet box, in which several keys lay. But the only key that had caught my attention had been the longest and most majestic one, the one standing upright, over every other key. It shone in the dim light of the cave, flattering itself, for its beautifully carved details.

Take it… 

Gena startled. I heard it too. The same voice again.

“We should get back to our chambers, Abi, please.”

I shook my head. “But what if it was true? What if this key could really open our eyes, open all the doors of the other realms… and unleash our dormant but well present powers…”

“What if that voice is lying and it’s only another joke from those homophobes in our class?”

To my girlfriend’s dismay, I took another step forward. “Then I would only be holding an old key.”

I heard Gena sigh. Her cold hand gripped mine from behind. But I did not glance at her or at our entwined fingers. I had eyes only for that key…

“But… the voice… it said that you would become… evil, because it’s supposed to be your nature…”

I tightened my fingers around hers. “It’s going to be all right, sweetheart.”

I was only trying to reassure her, but I myself could not feel at peace. The words the words had uttered made her blood run cold: Abigail… I know you… You are born to be one of the fiercest of sorceresses, one of the darkest evils… The most frightening thing was that I knew that it was right.

I knew.

I had been waiting for so long for this moment… I was tired of being human. I was sick of humans themselves, those who dare to judge blindly and laugh naughtily.

But I was not fed up of Gena.

I could turn her back to that key, to my fate, and go back to the campus, hand in hand with Gena. I could just believe that our love was enough power for me to hold, and that I didn’t give a damn about those homophobes…

Nevertheless, the growing creature inside of me, yearning only to be revealed to the world, urged me to…



I picked up the key.

It felt so heavy in my hand, and for an instant I thought that it was literally entering my skin…

Yet it was.

Pain throbbed through my arms and into every inch of my body. A liquid substance from the heavy metal was flowing like a virus within my veins. It was dark blue… almost black. The blood that came out of the wound was black. I cried out. My head flipped backwards as I convulsed. I felt the rush of power and knowledge into my brain. I felt my heart turn into stone. My ears were drumming. My vision was blurring. My skin contracted, as if I was being torn apart…

“Abi? Abi!” Gena shook me out of my trance. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go now. It’s only an old key after all, you were right. Nothing to be scared of.”

I blinked several times. I looked down at my hand. It was intact. The heavy key was lying lifelessly in my palm. I calmly put it back in the box and turned to Gena.

I forced myself to laugh. “Yeah, nothing to be scared of. We were so stupid.”

Gena smiled and we walked towards the exit. “Maybe that voice thing was only a product of our imagination and the wind… After all, it’s all so dark and silent here… This cave can make people go mad…”

The two girls went out of the room, leaving nothing behind except a dark smoky trail that Abigail had left as she had walked away, a trail of an evil and most powerful aura that has never been awakened before…

A laugh resonated in the cave.

She is back…


An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “The Key To Evilness…

  1. Yep. More typically evil nymph. 🙂 I liked that idea of the key entering the hand a lot, kind of a personal symbolism for Abigail. Very Jennyish. Haha, I promise not to steal it!

  2. Ooo, I also love the imagery of the key sinking into her flesh. What a cool idea! Classic Evil Nymph. Love your work. Thanks for contributing this week. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  3. That was really cool. – (I have to tell you, in my mind I was thinking and typing the word “good” but “cool” came out instead. Not a word I use myself but I guess spirit intended it for you. LOL.)

  4. Very good – I love the tension of the moment captured in your writing. You lead the reader’s imagination very well 🙂

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