[Guest Post] Teenage Artists: A Young Perspective on Life

Hey everyone! I’m feel so overloaded this week, I don’t exactly know why… well I guess school and tuitions are too much of a great part of my life… Anyway, to keep you entertained on this blog while I struggled with time management and homework, here’s an interesting guest post by Ken Myers:


Teenage Artists: A Young Perspective on Life

teenage art

Although age and experience can make a profound impact on art of any kind, a fresh perspective on life can become just as meaningful. Teenagers from all walks of life have been recognized throughout history in a variety of artistic talents that have been comparable to elites more than twice their age. They are a shining beacon to others and role models who prove that determination and hard work can pay off.

1. Singers

teenage girl singer

Thanks to television shows such as American Idol and others, discovering teenage vocal talent has never been easier. Regardless of the musical genre, a teenager has topped the billboards at one point or another. Sometimes, they will stay at the top for quite some time. Singers such as Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, David Archuleta, and Britney Spears all started at young ages in their singing careers.
2. Painters

teenage girl painter

When many think of paintings, they imagine artists such as Picasso or da Vinci. However, some teens possess a great amount of talent that could be comparable to some of the greats throughout history. Although teenage painters are too few, many of them have great artistic ability such as those offered on TeenInk.com– as site dedicated to teenage artists of all genres.
3. Authors

young girl writer

Writers such as Susan Eloise Hinton can produce amazing works at early ages. For instance, S.E. Hinton wrote the critically acclaimed book, “The Outsiders” at the age of 16. She went on to write several books that targeted the younger audience throughout her career. Websites such as Wattpad.com give new aspiring writers a chance to test their mettle by publishing works to be critiqued by peers and elders alike.
4. Musicians

teenage musicians


Not to be confused with singers, musicians create their music with instruments instead of vocals. Talent can come in all ages as displayed by Cameron Williams, a pianist who received a classical music honor at the age of 13. At the same time, Augustus Woodrow-Tomozuka received the same commendation as a guitarist at the age of 17. Both of these teenagers are from Tucson, AZ and have shown an incredible talent in their chosen instrument.

new young talent

The Internet is a great canvass to practice nearly any artistic talent for others to see. One of the biggest reasons why teenagers fail to recognize their passions at an early age is confidence. If some of these talented individuals had someone in their lives that can cultivate that confidence, greater products can be released. All too often do sketch artists, singers, and painters fade before they even start because of this lack in confidence. Don’t discourage a teen’s dreams because they don’t fit your own. Help them embrace what could be one of the most memorable moments of his or her life.


About the Author:

Ken Myers is an expert advisor on in-home care & related family safety issues to many websites and groups. He is a regular contributor to www.gonannies.com. You can get in touch with him at kmyers.ceo@gmail.com.

8 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Teenage Artists: A Young Perspective on Life

  1. I am amazed at the young talent right in our own backyards! I remember when my daughter first started saying sentences, it seemed as if it just kept going… thinking, processing and far surpassing her ole mom! Same with my son. He reads the paper front to back every morning. I know he has done his homework if I need a political question answered. Sometimes he will be my kid and say crazy things and then turn around with the wisest counsel far surpassing some of the professionals I know. We all are so blown away by the voices the artists and the brains our young people have but you guys are freaking incredible!

    1. It’s true that if we look around us we’ll discover so many talented young people, in the neighbourhood, at school… Creativity everywhere 🙂 That’s amazing!

  2. Excellent post! I definitely agree with allowing our children find their true creativity! So many rising stars out there that haven’t been discovered yet and should be. Like you!

    1. Thanks to the author 🙂
      Yes indeed, aww well not just me, I know so many people who have so much more talent than those profit-making arrogant artists we sometimes find in the media…

  3. Great choice for a guest post 🙂 Can’t agree that shows like American Idol are a real showcase of young talent – they’re actually a showcase of what the likes of Simon Cowell want you to listen to, ie a mind control exercise (yes – I am an old cynic). That’s why you struggle to find, for example, decent guitar bands these days (death of choice by Cowell). Far better to go to venues where you can hear a variety of young singers or bands performing live (Student union bars are good for this).

    There are some great young writers – you are a good example (yes, you are allowed to blush) 🙂 I think it’s a shame that US law means that it is illegal for persons younger than 13 to run a blog (though I know that some do). My Son is looking forward to reaching the age when he can have a blog – he can write some very good poetry but gets embarrassed when people praise him for it 😉

    1. Thanks! Yes that’s true! The best are the most hidden nowadays unfortunately.
      Aww thank you *okay blushing then* Yes that’s too sad. Oh that’s nice! So cute!

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