Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In The Details

To be lost in the details

lost in the details


…is to see beyond a sheet of green grass. It is to notice the little things that can mean so much, that can have such an impact as the butterfly effect.

It is to look through, not at something. It is to see deeper.

It is to look before to judge. To open our eyes… our heart and soul… our mind.

It is to recognised our mistakes, but also to accept them. To make peace with the outer world and be conscious that it is not perfect. ust as us.

And thus it is to accept oneself because when we come to lose ourselves in the details, we get to see the worst things first. Then it’s all about accepting. It’s about realising that in the end, imperfection is the perfection of mankind. We should not fight against our flaws, but acknowledge them.

And when we finally accept ourselves within our heart and soul, we feel at peace, and a sort of freedom.

Then, we won’t be afraid to speak out anymore.


Any thoughts on ‘lost in the details’?

An Evil Nymph.

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