The Voice Of A Writer

A Special Picture it & Write for this week! Enjoy:

digital writing


Her fingers trembled with excitement as she turned on her laptop to check her mail. It’s been one day already since she last messaged him and she knew that he would have been to work all day, so she had to wait for the evening to conclude…

There! The screen shone to life. She opened the browser, typed in her mail URL, scrolled down…

Her heart skipped a beat. It leaped out to the unread message, marked as ‘important’, patiently waiting to be unfolded and savoured.

He had replied. Of course, he always did, despite all the nightmares she had about being cut off from the world, from him…

She shook off all these dark thoughts and her mind focused on his words:

Hey Lisa!

I’m impressed by your clever mind and deep way of thinking. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know you. It’s been a while now, in fact… and I wanted to ask you… Can we meet someday? Any time? 

Her smile instantly faded away. But her eyes kept on moving…

I respect your decision if you choose to decline and are not yet ready to get more engaged in the relationship, but please, consider my offer. 

I’ve never had so much things in common with a woman before. Ive never met such a young and intelligent mind. You’re very special, and although we’ve exchanged photos, I’d love to meet you in person and have a direct face-to-face voice-to-voice conversation with you.

What do you think?



A tear ran down Lisa’s cheek. No, no… It could not be… This could not happen…

She suddenly felt heavy on her white bed sheets and the laptop was getting hotter on her thighs.

Air. She needed space.

She pushed her laptop away and buried her face in her palms.

She could not accept his offer, although she felt the same way about him: he was about the same age as her, in his twenties, and having graduated in psychology, he was a beautiful spring of knowledge and open-mindedness. Likewise, she had learnt a lot throughout her life.

They had met by chance, on the internet, in a forum for aspiring scientists, and she had instantly known that they would become great friends. There was something special about him as well…

She wanted to meet him… but then, what would he say? What if he decided to turn away?

Her fingers wiggled and hung over the black keyboard as she faced her laptop again.


Hi Greg,

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you as well. Our conversations never bored me and were always so engaging. But I’m afraid I will have to decline your invitation. I’m deeply sorry. I cannot do this.


Her eyes burst with tears as she pressed ‘Send’.


Greg frowned as he read the message of his dear Lisa. His dear Lisa… yes, there was something so special about her that sometimes he thought… he thought that he might even be…

In love.

Was it possible? He had met her on a virtual board and he did not believe in love in those situations, but… she was different. He yearned to see her for real, to talk to her. He had received one photo of her: a short thin girl of his age, with long auburn hair and green eyes like precious stones.

He was sure that she was even more beautiful in real life.

And maybe he was a jerk in relationship issues and was scaring her away by being too impatient and demanding…


Hey Lisa,

I’m sorry if I’m going a little too fast. It’s all right if you still want to keep our conversations to be online. When you’re ready, just message it 🙂

So, today I finally finish the survey I was telling you about last time, and the results are incredible! Can you guess what are the conclusions?


He startled when a chat box appeared on the screen. It was Lisa.

Lisa: Greg, I’m sorry but I believe I’ll never be ready to meet you in person. I’m truly sorry.

What? What was she talking about? What does she mean?

Greg: Why not? Did I do something…?

Lisa: No, it’s not about you at all. It’s me. I… just can’t.

Greg: But why? I think I have a right to know the reason at least.

Lisa: I’m sorry…

Something started to manifest inside of him. A pinch in the heart. Was it a little of anger? Or despair? Or mere disappointment?

Greg: Please, no matter what’s the problem, it’s all right, I’ll understand, just tell me…

I have feelings for you, Greg thought. How will I move on with my life when you deprive me of what makes me breathe everyday: the faint hope that we might be together… someday?


Lisa’s body was trembling as her face was soaked in her tears. She typed:

I… I… because I… 

I’m deaf. I’m dumb as well. I cannot talk and I will only be able to read your lips. I won’t be able to hear your sweet voice, because I’m sure it is lovely, although I’ve never heard anything in my life.

I can only write.

Writing is my sole voice.

An Evil Nymph.

38 thoughts on “The Voice Of A Writer

  1. For a minute there, I thought the story was about me.
    That’s how know you’ve talent: Make the reader forget his own life for a while!

  2. Haha, well you already got me ranting on this on my own comments… I guess it has nothing to do with the scenario you picked out, but we had a girl here who had a series of nice exchanges with a guy like this on her computer after they pulled her body out of the water in several pieces. Lots of reasons not to meet someone you really know nothing about.

  3. You have such a talent, a wonderful writing style, MD. I thought at first that the girl was trapped in cyberspace! I thought of Tron! 😉 I must add, Daphne, that true love sings out in the midst of speechlessness, true love hears the melodious sound of dreams even in the silence, true love is a force unequaled and the great equalizer, despite differences in language, culture, nationality, ethnic persuasion, religious belief and physical realities: “Love never fails.” Yours, Eric

  4. I really got into your story- the emotion and the despair and the truth…I have spoken to people online and even met them. Usually something is off for what ever reason but your story makes average seem ridiculous with those challenges. Thanks!

  5. Great writing … sometimes I meet and spoken with some person through the internet – some a good and great people, some was lousy behavior. Some felt so connected and emotionally involved even we’re never seeing each other (physically). And your stories remind me with someone, thanks for sharing this

  6. What a beautiful twist at the end. I love that you held that piece of information until the very end. You held our attention until the end! A great story. I’m glad you continue to be inspired by our pictures at Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda

  7. Wow, stunned at the end. This is such a poignant story. Tears and goosebumps. Strong writing my dear!!

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