How To Be Distracted From Love.

You can’t.


Let’s face the truth: there is no escape, no short-cut. When Love gets to us, we are trapped… forever. Trapped in a vicious circle of loving blindly, getting hurt, moving on… well you thought you moved on, and then, you fall in love again only to get hurt again. Until you find the One. If you ever do.

Isn’t that sad.

To forget the one you love, to get over your obsession: it’s the hardest thing to do. And no matter what I’ve tried, how hard I tried…


In fact, it’s only a waste of energy to try to deal with feelings. Feelings have no master. They do as they please, come out on their own will, change unexpectedly.

That’s why, instead of struggling to get rid of them, we should instead accept them as they are.

And use them.

What I mean is that we can use these passions for other purposes than mourning love or hating that person or crying or going crazy… For example, I completely pour them on some work. Mainly art, like drawing or writing. I pour all these excessive emotions into art. Then I can have a better control over them and at the same time, they don’t overwhelm or tire me, but help me bring out the best out of my skills.

And in fact, we I do art, I forget everything else.

This can also apply to work or school. Or even friendships or other non-romantic relationships.

It’s the only way I could find to distract myself from love.

Practically, it’s impossible to ignore the feeling, but to use them to our own advantage, yes we can.


We can.

An Evil Nymph.

27 thoughts on “How To Be Distracted From Love.

    1. Love affects all human beings; it’s by that that we feel even closer as we share somehow the same experiences and feelings… Thanks so much for the reblog!

  1. Feelings come naturally to us. It is our responsibility to choose a subject or an object upon which to channel our emotions.
    The things that we see often change, deteriorate or fall below expectations. We should rather focus on virtues like kindness, forgiveness, generousity, friendship, collaboration, patience, etc. That way, with or without our expectations being met, we can feel fulfilled and yet motivated.
    I love the arts, but when I don’t have sufficient material to express my creativity, I find the nearest means to put a smile on the nearest faces to me. Building virtues that spring from selfless love is the greatest art I know. Lovely post!

  2. It doesn’t change. You can be a school girl or over fifty… you are right when it gets you there is not back pedaling! Loved this post!!!! Are you getting better with each one?

  3. Feelings … we are full of them, but as you say .. we should do something with our leftover feelings, instead of doing nothing … because there is so much passion and energy going into missing and longing for a person that has moved on. Something we should put into something else or waste it on ourselves. Lovely post.

  4. Great post 🙂 Yes, sometimes this kind of emotional hurt or “love pain” can last a loooong time, it’s wonderful though if you can channel it into creative works and gain something positive 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. So true, Evil Nymph. I find that when you finally allow yourself to accept your emotions they are easier to deal with. It’s when we deny them that they start to eat at us. Sometimes I think they just want to be heard, acknowledged and than they are willing to step back and allow us to live our lives. Lol, or at least that’s what feels right, right now. Either way I enjoyed this post. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  6. Very good – Love is often about how we interpret and react to our emotions towards the object of our desires. When we are young the least slight from the person we believe we love becomes a thorn in our side. As we become more mature we accept that the slight was no more than a momentary loss of interest and should have been dismissed from our thoughts 🙂 Good post.

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