Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In The Life Of An Artist!

I know I usually do weekly photo challenges on Wednesdays, but a lot happened this weekend, and I’ve also being very active on Instagram. And this week’s photo challenge is ‘A Day in My Life‘!

I’m mainly going to concentrate on how I spent my Sunday, although you still deserve some explanations over Saturday and Monday:

On Saturday, we, Mauritians, have been victims of a never-seen-and-witnessed torrential rain situation. Unexpected floods, unpredicted (or compelled to silence) by the media, despite all the technologies we possess, which caused deaths and panic… My mother and I were far from our home, in a shopping mall, and we were so taken aback when we went out and saw that water was all over the pavements and roads… it came up to our ankles!

And I had to buy art supplies.

Anyway, I’m still alive! If you want to know more about this, my best friend just wrote a blog post about it here: Mauritius These Days…

So when I woke up on Sunday, it didn’t feel like Easter. Nevertheless, I ate chocolate bunnies! 🙂 Thus, here’s the first photo for the Daily post challenge:

chocolate Easter bunnies

Lindt!!! ♥ Yumyumyum…

It was still raining on Sunday… well, only occasionally. In fact, on Saturday, when we came back home, there was no rain! In my region there was barely torrential rainfall… and no floods at all. Only the usual heavy rainfall… So lucky!

Still, we were all stuck home on Easter!

Thus I did a little homework… and then I don’t know what happened to me then, was it because of the rain and thus of the ‘abundance’ of water all over the country, that motivated me to experiment with watercolour paint?

Yesterday, I felt like hypnotized (just like when I suddenly want to write and can’t stop… mainly when there’s a gloomy sky) as I watched YouTube tutorials and speed painting videos about watercolour painting… It was a technique we didn’t really cover in my art courses, so I was somewhat learning something new.

So, I started painting.

Water… water… lots of water…

It was all so exciting! I forgot everything but Art, my brushes and paper… and I first came up with this:

blue tree painting

‘Mistakes and regrets’ (link to the full painting on deviantart): a watercolour painting (A4 size) by An Evil Nymph

In my courses, as beginners we were taught to see, watch, observe and copy, draw, paint. Draw what you see. (It’s just like write what you know.) But this piece of art of mine totally came out of my imagination, visualization, without any beforehand pencil drawing… (like when you finally get to write a story coming from your own imagination while keeping it all realistic, which most great writers do.)

I felt so good then. Moreover, painting really is relaxing, you know.

It’s not perfect though of course, which explains the first part of its name ‘mistakes’ although you can’t really see that in the photo. But I’m satisfied 🙂

And I’m determined to practise more and become better!

Even more rain on my page, more water…

And I did another watercolour painting:

hatched from a dragon's egg watercolour painting

Hatched From A Dragon’s Egg‘ (link to the full painting on deviantart): another watercolour painting (A4 size) by An Evil Nymph

Yes, that’s so weird right? The funny thing is, since I didn’t draw it with a pencil beforehand, it didn’t come out as it was supposed too, although in the end, I like it. It was supposed to be a simple portrait of one of my fiction characters. But then I think my mind got caught up with Game of Thrones and dragon eggs… 😛

So I painted until past midnight. And I was not even sleepy. It was an awesome evening. Art is awesome.

For those who have been following me on Instagram during the weekend, you’ve already seen all of these photos, hehe, and for those who did miss all of them, and have an instagram, please follow me @anevilnymph and if you want, tell me that you’re from wordpress and I’ll follow back 😉

For those who have a deviantart account, I’m over there as well!

Especially that my watercolour addiction isn’t over yet… I’ve painted a 3rd one this morning which you can view either on my instagram or deviantart… and the only thing that has stopped me from doing a 4th one is the fact that… I’m out of paper!!!

Now, 0ne last photo for you before I end this post:

art painting brush holder nutella

I’ve found a interesting way to store my painting brushes while I paint, so that it’s easier for me to pick up the size I want quickly, before the watercolour (especially the watercolour) paints dry out: Nutella container!

Yes chocolate contributes to art, see that?

I like the fact that it’s made of glass… And it all looks very cute! 😀

Else, when I don’t use them, I store my brushes in a fitting pencil case.

By the way, because of that rain thing, there was no school today, that was why I could paint and be on instagram all day. But here the day(s) in the life of an artist ends. Tomorrow back to school.

Hope you enjoyed spending a ‘day’ in my life! 🙂

How did you spend your weekend?

An Evil Nymph.

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In The Life Of An Artist!

  1. You are very talented that I missed my daughter (who is taking up a-r-t)…nice peek into your day~ chocolates and art are a great combination any day!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am glad you and your mum are alive with wet ankles and chocolates. I would miss you very much. Art is awesome.I need to post mine. Glad you both made it! (buy boots?)

  3. I enjoyed this post and your sharing all that you did. I am glad that you also enjoy reading my post. I hope that you will continue your art, I do pen and ink with watercolors (homes and children’s stories, not published and baby name pictures.) It is relaxing and also, makes you at peace. The candy is also part of my daily routine, sticking to dark chocolate most of the time! Take care.

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