The Writer-Wolf

They picture it and I write; here’s this week’s Picture it & Write:

half moon


Suddenly she burst out of the room.

She had known it all along. Her boss was an evil monster. She had seen him, his face vehemently changing into a disgusting greyish weird shape, while his nose and eyebrows had seemed to melt and his teeth falling off…

How did no one see that? It had been so obvious since she got this job in that assurance company. From the very beginning she had noticed how the manager never ate lunch, never blinked, never smiled… and always laughed in an eerie voice, almost mechanical. And his eyes looked as if they showed void.

She suspected him to be a brain-eater. Or an intelligence-absorber. That was why every two years he had to change employees. She had seen his previous workers… They now looked… empty. While he was becoming stronger…

The real question to be asked was, why could she see that?

She ran out of the 24 storey building, forgot about her car, and went for a sprint.

Tick-tick-tick-tick toc tick… tack.

She was in a forest. The bloody sunset blinded her. Time had run along with her. She sat on the wet grass, exhausted. She closed her eyes.

A warm hand was caressing her arm. She smiled. She knew for whom it was. It slowly teasingly went up her neck and held her chin up. She felt moist sweet lips on hers. She sensed his breath on her cheek. Her arms went around his neck as she felt his body give in and lying down on her on the grass. When her head reached the ground, she opened her eyes, he broke their kiss.

“I knew you would come,” she said.

He only murmured,”I love you.”

Her heart leaped. A pleasing sensation spread out from her stomach. It was as if a burden, a shadow of hers had been set free.

She could not believe that she had lost faith in him at times. She should never have. Deep down she had known all along…

“I’m so sorry I’ve never told it to you before,” he said.

“You hurt me,” she said.

“I hurt myself…”

She suddenly realised that she didn’t care about the past anymore. All of this was over. Now she could finally be with him. She dragged him down and shut him up with a second kiss…

Tick-toc-tick-tick-tick… Tack-toc… Tick!

When she stopped, she was smeared with blood. She licked her lips hungrily. The warm red substance tasted so good. She needed more.

She pushed the dried out body of her lover away and stood up. She had never felt so strong. The stories had been true. True love was very powerful. And it could be drunk.

She looked down one last time to the body of the man who had finally realised that he had had feelings for her all along. But he had been too late, poor guy. He had hurt her so much…

She placed her palm onto where her heart had been a few days ago. She did not regret what she did, how she exchanged her heart to a witch for the secret to immortality: drinking the potion of true love through the blood of The One…

Indeed, she was now heartless…

And eternal.


A dagger in one hand, she ran after them. One against four. And she was winning. Wasn’t that pathetic?

She howled. She laughed.

She was invincible. Nothing and no one could stop her.

And right now, she was thirsty.

The streets were abandoned. The lights were all out. These so-called Hunters were trapped. They would never be able to escape from this dark night alive. On the other hand, she was a creature of the night as well as of the day. Thus, for her, every element of the Earth would kneel for her. They would do everything to get her desires satisfied.


She was able to catch the girl by her long dark hair. Silly little girl. The latter dropped her stakes and kitchen knives.

“Dinner, at last.”

She ignored her screams as she bent to bite her.

But no blood could reach her mouth. Before she could harm the girl, she felt a burning sensation all over her body. She cried in agony as she shoved her prey away and rubbed her body. She felt blisters and damaged skin all over her.

What was happening?

Light… it was that strange light…

She looked up.

And the light turned her blind.

Tick-tick-tick. Tack.

My fingers were sore. My articulations hurt badly. I shook them, putting them well away from the computer’s keyboard. I took a deep breath and looked at the clock: midnight. I went out of my seat and walked to the window.

The moon. It was there, already half-way from showing off its complete mystical surface. I placed my palms against the glass. It was cold. It felt good.

That celestial star, the moon, was so big tonight in the dark black sky. It was such a mysterious rock. Although man had walked onto its craters, I was certain that there was still so much more to discover about it.

It was not a mere element of planet Earth.

After some time, I went back to my screen, staring at all of this jungle of words and paragraphs that I’ve written for the past few hours.

Wait, did I really write this?

I couldn’t remember.

And I found myself to be unable to finish the story. I just couldn’t make it clear in my head. What was going to happened to that nameless she-protagonist?

What had happened to me?

I shook my head. Maybe I was simply too tired.

I turned the computer off and made way to my bed.


The moon shone on the screen, and before the machine could be switched off totally, three keys were hit:

Ctrl + A + Del

And blackness flooded in.


An Evil Nymph.



16 thoughts on “The Writer-Wolf

  1. The suspense you built was terrifying! Loved all the scenes spliced beside each other. I also loved how “love” could be drunk. Very creepy! Super dark, super thrilling. Another great ‘evil’ work, M. D. 🙂 Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write!

    – Ermisenda

  2. I had the craziest experience reading this… it was like suddenly I was in this great romantic dream and I wanted to comment on it and when I tried to type it I forgot what I was going to say and then I couldn’t… I couldn’t what? Nothing made sense anymore and then… Ctrl + Alt + Del… Haha, you must be telling me something!

  3. This really felt like I was reading a dream. So cool, breaking the 4th wall and showing the writer 🙂 Really well done Daph!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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