Burnt And Cold: A Poem

                                                                             Burnt and Cold
                                                                       Consumed         Timber
                                                                Heartless                       Soul
                                                            In My Tomb  
                                                           And Hers                    Nonsense Lies
                                                             Happy                                    Mess
                                                                 Is Unknown                   To You
                                                                          And Only                Never
                                                                             Faith Maybe              She
                                                                                 But Hope            Is Gone
                                                                                      All Lost
                                                                                          To Die
                                                                                              In Her Arms    Lies
                                                                                                  Or Mine        To Me
                                                                                                         Turns Away.

By D. Kwong Waye


Original piece (written on an A4 sized paper, a little thicker than the usual paper, and with a black felt pen, inspired by the font Old English Text MT):

burnt and cold original poem by an evil nymph

The shape isn’t really obvious, but it’s in fact half of a heart, a broken heart. Now that explains it all, right? 😛

Any comments you want to share about this?

It’s actually rare that I write poems, but when I do… I enjoy myself a lot! Get deep into a jungle emotions and words…

If you know what I mean 🙂

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little piece of mine!

An Evil Nymph.

24 thoughts on “Burnt And Cold: A Poem

  1. amazing! i love this kind of poems – graphical poems? what do you call this style? anyhows, it adds even more meanings to the words!

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