Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

This first week of Easter/first term school holidays has begun with lots of colours! Enjoy my colourful creative life in this little gallery of photos, dedicated to this week’s photo challenge, color:

gay pride butterfly

Originally, this was the photo that I had chosen for this challenge, being a beautiful lively artificial bouquet with this rainbow-ish butterfly among the others 🙂 But then, I realised that there were other photos I had taken this week that fits the challenge as well, mainly my latest little watercolour paintings! I know that many of you have asked for them to be updated here as I paint, so here you go:





Two watercolour paintings this week… and I believe there’ll be more drawings in the few days to come hehe, especially that I’m in holidays, although I also need to focus on revision work, which is more important.

Anyone of you has Deviantart by the way? That’s where I usually update my paintings and drawings, with more details, as well as Instagram: just click on my Deviantart & my Instagram.

Just some quick info: the first painting was inspired from a photo in a magazine, while the 2nd one came from my imagination and pictures my version of Antigone. Here’s the latter’s description on Deviantart:

Antigone was never meant to be beautiful, but to be brave and unflinching, even as she is about to die, let the autumn leaves fall and face the coming winter… her death.

And now, the last photo of this little ‘Color’ gallery:



My DIY bracelets! 🙂

1. Double infinity in red! With a little wing suspended at the end.

2. A very small and thin elastic bracelet whose round beads are of earth colours.

3. A rainbow elastic bracelet with cubic beads!


Finally, despite my moodiness as a late teenager, I realised that my life is filled with colours, thanks to this week’s theme, which enabled me to reflect on the colors around me…

An Evil Nymph.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

  1. Beautiful, Daph; your watercolours are just beautiful…
    You have wonderful talent..! I love the ‘sweet calm’ in their faces. Somehow they ask me to ponder, and wonder what they are thinking… Gorgeous…

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