Art Is Changing My Life

Some of you might remember that when I started this blog, I said that I had a new hobby every year.

Only writing remains constant throughout my life’s journey, since it’s more than a hobby, it’s a passion, well, it hasn’t always been constant but it always came back – I always came back to it.

French fanfiction in 2008, vidding in 2010, makeup and blogging in 2011, novelist-huge-breakthrough-plans in 2012… For some I… well I didn’t give up but I kind of was out of time to do all so I had to eliminate, while for others, like blogging especially, remained and will remain in my life I believe.

nude art woman's back

And in 2013…


Of course, everything I stated above is art, but what I mean is that this year I’m embracing the very basic stereotype form of art, which is the visual one, painting and drawing. The one art I drowned in when I could not even read and write, which made me use up all the paint pots and try out all the cheap painting brushes we had in our family’s shop, and which made me wonder about beautiful sunsets painted on canvas…

(Picture on the right is one of mine by the way 😛 Check out my Deviantart and instagram, where I post everything art related)

Before I go any further, I’d like to say that my big plans for novel writing haven’t died; I’m in fact keeping them for later, since I realised that this year, I will have to concentrate on my studies a lot, and leave the rest behind temporarily, or at least do small little projects, so that I just don’t stop writing, like writing here, and especially every Friday when I attack Picture it & Write, a writing challenge hosted by Ermilia 🙂 Really helps me to keep my imagination for writing steady and in good shape! (Especially that I’ll enroll in a Creative Writing course at university!)

And same for art: doing little drawings, little paintings every week or so, or when I feel like it. Of course, at the same time, I have to do the art course’s project, which I’ll have to submit later to my teacher…

Anyway, when I saw this week’s photo challenge, Change, I admit I was a little discouraged. So many things changed in my life and everywhere around me changes never do stop, always evolving… but, it’s hard to describe it in a photo. So I just decided to make a multi-media post about it.

And Art is really, has always been and will still be changing my life. 

And today, it made me go back to video editing, since I suddenly wanted to try something new:

Yes! Time lapse videos! a.k.a speed drawings/paintings. So this is my very first dare at this video art trend; I did only a little quick sketch just to have an idea of the whole overall process of such particular editing, but I will be doing more complicated drawings, especially portraits later 🙂 It’ll take time, but it’s worth a try!

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An Evil Nymph needs your support! If you enjoy it and want more, just tell me, and if it’s the contrary tell me as well, so that I’ll know if I’m going to waste my time or not.

Anyway, video editing and art together? That’s so fun! Yeah!

Yes art is totally messing with my life! Distorting it, burning it, expanding it…

Beautifying it.

self-portrait Daphnee Kwong WayeMy self-portrait, lol! I was so chubby in that photo, from which I got inspired to do this.

Art is changing my life, indeed; it makes me smile; it makes me dream.

It helps me to find myself a little more through every brush stroke, every typed word.

An Evil Nymph.

57 thoughts on “Art Is Changing My Life

  1. I’m one of those people that has way too many hobbies as well. I write, I draw and paint and photograph, I swim and play water polo, I study science and read science fiction, and those are just the ones I’m currently keeping up on. Intermittently I’ve been interested in carpentry, piano, clarinet and russian history. Sometimes (often) it feels like I never finish anything. I have gotten better about that over the years, I think age plays the biggest factor there. A year isn’t the huge chunk of time it used to be.

    Being multi-interested makes for being multi-faceted. There are now so many more things you can include in your writing. The world seems to praise the expert, the person who does one and only one thing fantastically. I’m not sure if such a thing exists in writing, which is the art of capturing everything else in text. Your art looks very nice! Keep going on it. Pick up those hobbies and set them down, they don’t go anywhere.

    1. I agree, in terms of having an occupation, it’s really important to have a really strong, specialized skill. However, in terms of enjoying your life, it’s really important to have a wide base of interests.

    2. Wow that’s interesting! I forgot to say that I played the piano as well, it’s great to learn, you should go for it, although it’s true that it’s the fact that time flies so quickly that I just feel I can’t do everything I want to try, so I try and let go and pick up something else and the cycle goes on…
      That’s right, but nowadays people are gradually going away from this ‘expert’ thing, since technology now enables us to do everything, and since we as human beings are naturally curious, we go for everything! Today, multi-tasking, having multiple interests are the trend, from what I see.
      Thanks for reading and keep up discovering new hobbies as well, it’s fun and makes you develop so many skills.

  2. You are hugely talented and that was so inspiring to me that was born to draw and paint but has not picked up a pencil in over a year (lack of muse) that I am going to re-blog you ! Thanks for the inspiration lil Evil Nymph!

    1. Glad you like it! Well there are two ways to do a time lapse video:
      1. Get a camera which has the option ‘time lapse recording’. Does everything for you! I couldn’t do it this way though because my camera doesn’t have this feature and my parents won’t buy a new one for me. Doesn’t matter since there’s that other way:
      2. Record while drawing at normal speed, then to speed up the video I have to do it with a video editing program, and I use Song Vegas Pro. Fortunately I’m familiar with video editing! So it’s okay 🙂 This way is time consuming though, but well, I’ve always loved doing those kind of things.
      And it’s fun!

      1. What program did you use? my first video of nature was done with a mash up of photos then put in a music track that I had on my iPad 😀

  3. The creative mind never stops! I have a lot in common with you too! There are so many ideas I’ve flirted with and promise myself I will come back to! I like your writing style and it seems you are a natural at art too! I adore work from Deviant art! I seek them out on Facebook and Pinterest a lot.

    1. Well all I know is that I follow my instincts and my instincts love art, because it’s so… abstract, like it’s free, comes in so many different forms… It’s beautiful. There’s no word to describe it in fact. And maybe that’s why I write as such; art is a friend… and a mystery.

  4. You have talent …. big talent. Enjoyed your video and I love the music you are using – so you have eye and ears for what you create … and able to combine it. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  5. Dear lil Nymph. I tried to re-blog your post but apparently I am the only one in the world that can see it on my page. Sorry but I am so inspired by it!

  6. At this point you are not one but many things and these things will at the end be express. keep on because where you are going is where no man has ever been

  7. Very interesting post! Loved the timelapse vid & your art! I’m inspired to get started on my own little sketches too just for fun hehehe
    Cheers, Danielle 🙂

  8. What can I say that everyone else hasn’t already said? It’s been years since I picked up a brush, and seeing your work makes me itch to enroll for an art course (Alas! There aren’t any!) and paint! You’re an inspiration, Daph, keep it up 🙂

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