“I’m Not Good Enough.”

This is something that is heard on many occasions, and in my surroundings it is heard especially from students, including me. Why such a low self-esteem attitude?

low self-esteem


Peer pressure, you’d say? What about parent pressure?

How does it feel to be pushed forward, beyond natural speed, and be criticised on everything you try to do? How does it feel when you do your best, and still it feels it just isn’t enough to the eyes of your elders?

Awful, right?

It might even go to the point of breaking down, of giving up, of being disgusted with life. It then drains away motivation and ambition.

Of course, parents care and worry about their children’s future, especially that we seem to live in a harsher, more stressful world, but then…

How does it feel to never be truly praised and feel satisfied of yourself? Because everything you do never does come out as ‘perfect’?

Perfection does not exist. In fact, I like the saying that says: Imperfection is human perfection. Indeed, no one is perfect, but this should not be a brake for us.

Many are able to move forward in life by learning through criticism, but somehow sometimes some positive encouragement does not kill! Anyway, who genuinely enjoys being criticised? Of course your work isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be any improvement. Why do some people just love to tell others that you’ll just never get better, even if it’s not directly said? (e.g. “This is such a bad story.”) Why not add something that can help the person at least, instead of 100% putting him/her down? (e.g. “This is a bad story, but maybe if you… then it’ll be better. Why don’t you try it again? Come on, I know you can do it.”)

What I’ve learnt from others, is that criticism should not be taken too personally, and by that I mean that no matter what people say, you know that you did your best, you know that you have potential to be better, you know that you have and will continue to make mistakes but that it shouldn’t discourage you from doing what you do. Even if the criticisms come from your dearest friends or parents. No one goes through your life except YOU! 

So don’t give up that easily. Keep on trying.

That’s my second speed drawing attempt. I haven’t reached perfection either, and maybe no one ever will. But we’ll still do our best. Like it or not, we’re all human.

I’m not good enough.  Enough of saying that! Instead tell yourself that your life, your journey isn’t over yet, and that there is room for improvement. I can will get better.

The story is not over yet.

An Evil Nymph.

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37 thoughts on ““I’m Not Good Enough.”

  1. you are already perfect…you are becoming a Master of it each day….
    Good post
    Take Care…
    You Matter….

  2. I think it can be easy to be down on oneself if the focus is external. It is hard to control how others perceive your work, and the arts require a certain amount of positive reception as a social thing. Most of us want our arts out there, to see what others think. This contrasts with working on your own and trying to be better. It’s been a big goal of mine in the last year to put my work out there. Taking your work and keeping it to yourself isn’t a long-term strategy; it stifles creativity and useful critique. I find I am still learning how to balance input from beyond me and my own self-evaluation and motivation. Worst of all is the complete lack of feedback once it’s put into the world, what a deflator! Not sure if my point is hanging together, but in any case, good post!

    1. Great point! I understand what you mean, and I especially agree on the fact that support is important. Critiques of course, which are constructive, but there should be relatives and friends who will be always by your side, encouraging you, and helping you to follow your dreams.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Such a sage you are!!! Already gifted with a profound understanding of the human psyche. How I love reading your mind out loud. How I wish my young relations could have had such an innate understanding of the world at your age. You are such a good, insightful writer, can’t wait to see your brilliant future shining on all of us even more 😀

    1. Omg when I read your comments it’s sometimes hard for me to realise that some people really perceive me as such. I hope I will be able to keep up with all these qualities of mine! Thank you so much for your uplifting sincere words! Take care.

  4. Another well written post! Sometimes the criticism is meant to be constructive, the tricky part is to filter them but it’s always hard to tell and as easily to take to heart. I know very well how it feels to feel not good enough, and the hurts especially when I’m the one telling myself and believe it. I think the thing is to be aware of how destructive thinking is harming us, not everyone realizes this, and then make a conscious effort to not let it get to us, we have to question why we ‘aren’t good enough’. My best might not be yours but it’s what I can do and I can improve. I’m not sure I got the message across as clearly as I intended, but you have an idea right?

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I understand and it’s true that it demands a lot though, to filter these criticisms, especially when just starting out. Of course, we should never give up nevertheless. Great points you’ve highlighted!

  5. Wow, Daph; that was so good to watch..!
    As I’ve said before; you have wonderful talent… You are a very deep thinker capable of putting those thoughts on paper (so to speak), and you speak for so many of us; a wonderful voice of truth…

  6. Great message Daph! There is always room to improve, and when we do our best we are always good enough 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. You are an amazing person. – I remember how much it mattered to me when I was younger, what others thought. But what I’ve learned is not to take ANYTHING personally. Criticism from others is no more than a reflection of how they feel about themselves. – You give good advice. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, when we’re still young and new to criticism we tend to be more affected; the habit to handle it comes with time. Thanks for reading!

  8. Very good post – I will get my son to read it as he has a habit of saying that he can’t do something when he can. I love your drawing – 50 odd years of experience tells me that I can’t draw to that standard, but I do like to take pencil (and sometimes pen) to paper. It’s very therapeutic isn’t it 🙂

      1. I think you post may have induced a moment of contemplation – he just showed me a new drawing 🙂 And, he can’t claim that he can’t write poetry any more – teacher just gave him a gold award for a poem drawing on his life experience! I’ve been telling him for a long time that he can write poetry very well but he always denies it 😦 Anyway, your post seems to have given him pause for thought so thanks again 🙂

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