Come To The Ocean Of Love…

Happy Labour Day everyone!

This week’s Picture it & Write comes a little earlier this week, because there’s going to be a surprise on Friday 😉 So stay tuned!

All right, so without delay, enjoy my contribution:

ocean of love

Come to the ocean of love… 

My ears sprang up; I put down my cup of tea and daily newspaper and reached out to the radio.

…seven seas…

I turned up the volume.

Come to the ocean of love…

I smile as I listened to the old traditional chant. I remembered that every week, when I was still a young teenage boy, a priestess used to come to our school and make us all gather for some time with the Divine and pray together. Then in the end, she would hypnotise us all with this soothing and haunting song…

I felt shivers running down my body, like I did in my school days. I closed my eyes and let my soul be rocked by the music, its bell-like notes and heartbeat rhythm. I remembered that I used to feel the love of God emerging in me and hear the faint waves of the vast ocean, as if responding to the song, from everywhere around the world.

I knew that I was a poor man, struggling everyday to find decent work so as to be able to offer to my wife and kids a better home. And a better husband. I knew I had some anger management problems, that I was addicted to alcohol, and I always did my best to change… to no avail.

I was aware that on this Wednesday, I was again left unemployed…



But the music made me forget everything. The lyrics made me feel closer to God. And my heart closer to love.

…ocean of love…

The emotion grew to such a point that my tears started falling…


The sound of the waves coming and crashing grew louder. It seemed as if the sea was just next to me. I could even feel the touch of the cool and comforting salty water kissing my bare feet, then flowing into my trousers, onto my legs…

It was purifying me. Body and soul.

But then, it reached my round belly.

I opened my eyes with a start.

It was too late.

The menacing water was rushing into the wooden house uncontrollably. The radio had stopped playing. Damaged. I stood up and jumped onto the table. I shouted for help. There was no one in the house. It was a normal Wednesday. School and work.

Yet, I kept on shouting. The water was rapidly gaining height. And its whooshing sounds as well.

I opened my mouth one last time.


It poured itself into my body. I struggled as much as I could, as long as I could, unaware that this would only encourage my lungs to welcome even more water inside.

It embraced me. The ocean of love. Its arms tightened around me. Its caresses more urgent. Its kisses more passionate. It entered me completely.

Finally, it took me. God took me away, a poor worthless man.

I was now the ocean and the ocean was me.

Yes, I drowned in the ocean of love.


An Evil Nymph.

[Edit] PS: Here’s my latest speed drawing video: An Evil Dreamcatcher! 😀 (fits me well, uh?)

22 thoughts on “Come To The Ocean Of Love…

  1. I liked how you changed into another person, felt the way you would with the teacher’s chanting lyrics and haunting feelings, like you had the picture inside you. You became a man with a lot on his shoulders and the waves took you and your home, your family and all became part of the ocean (a good ocean filled with love). It is complicated like a dream but so beautiful and deep! Great job with picture prompt!

  2. A great perspective! I love your metaphor of the ocean, in the literal sense but also symbolic of love. Fantastic! Also loved this description ‘I closed my eyes and let my soul be rocked by the music, its bell-like notes and heartbeat rhythm.’ By the way, you have great drawings! I just checked out your eye speed drawing too. You are one skilled young lady, M. D.! Thanks for contributing to Picture it & write this week. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  3. Hey M.D. I’m just letting you know that I found this link through Ermilia for the Pi&W story:

    It’s your story copy pasted into another blog. Do you run this blog also? If not, you might want to confront them about plagiarizing your work. I can send them an email if you like as well. I thought you might want to know!

    – Ermisenda

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