My 18th Birthday!

On Friday 3 May 2013, I was finally 18 years old!

Now you’ll know why I wasn’t able to blog until now.

So yeah, on Friday, it was my birthday. I’m not the party-girl type, so I didn’t have a very big party with drinks and evening dresses…

It was better than that.

And that was because we went on our annual educational tour (school outing) on that day! Such a coincidence, right? So we put our pens and copybooks away and headed for the wild forests…

In fact we went to Domaine De Lagrave where we walked among the wilds and climbed on top of a mountain until we thought we would die of exhaustion or cold or… laughter!

educational tour at Domaine De Lagrave


This was the only photo (my best friend and I!) we could take since the journey was way too dangerous to take any more. Furthermore, it was raining… very frequently! So we clung to the very strong (we hadn’t realised they were that strong until that day!) branches and roots and stems and climbed! We helped one another, and of course they were experienced people who were there to help us as well.

And at the top of the mountain (not the very top though) I just felt like… wow! All these efforts were worth it! Well, the sky was very misty but… well the feeling of being at the top, our bellies full of Chinese guavas (the best ones I’ve ever tasted in fact!), was… very icy.

Yeah, the feeling of achievement was there, but we were all mostly freezing and wet! And we shouted and laughed like crazy girls.

And they all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for me. 🙂

Then, we had to go back. And we were like: ‘Oh. My. God. Nooo!!!’

Anyway, we made it! All safe and sound although filthy and dead tired!

Afterwards there was the traditional family dinner at a Chinese Restaurant called ‘Xia’ (I like it a lot, the name I mean).

And here’s my 18th birthday cake:

18th birthday cake

I really love the design, but they had missed an ‘e’ in my name! My real name is ‘Daphnée’ but they wrote it like ‘Daphné’ and since I am sooo picky about my name… especially on such an important occasion. Anyway, the solution: I hid the ‘né’ with the candles 🙂

18th birthday cake

18th birthday candles


18 birthday

But the best part of the cake is that… it was bloody red on the inside!!!

red velvet cake

A red velvet cake!!! 😀

Yet, the taste was… I didn’t like it. Not sweet enough. Almost like some cheesecake. Don’t know if it’s how it’s supposed to be, but well… I just like the red colour! 😛

Then I went to stay at my grandmother’s, because on the next day, Saturday 4 May, I was about to get my gift…

When I first started this blog, I had published a post called 10 Things I Want To Do When I Hit 18 (click on the title to check it out!). So now here I am, 18, and the first thing I wrote was to get a tattoo. By the way the second one in the list is to get the best red wine, but finally I prefer champagne so I bought the best champagne instead 🙂

champagne birthday party

Anyway, when I first started this blog, I also showed my dream tattoo (click to view) to you. (I didn’t do that one though, in the end; since I had a better idea…)

Thus, on Saturday 4 May, I got myself my very first tattoo!!!

From this:

birds tattoo design

To this:

birds tattoo

And finally… this:

birds tattoo

I was born on the date of three
For the birds to go and fly free.

3 May, 3 birds; 18 years old, finally free (like, more independent)! 🙂

An awesome birthday gift! 😀

Thus it was the best 18th birthday ever! Which technically lasted for 2 days!

As from now on, my blogging schedule is getting back to normal, at least I’ll try to. Guest posts during the weekend, a random post on Monday, Weekly Photo Challenge on Wednesday, and finally Picture it & Write on Friday!

An Evil Nymph.

35 thoughts on “My 18th Birthday!

  1. Congratulations, M.D.! You look fantastic. I hope you had a great birthday! The tattoo looks so good. I want one too. I’m nearing my 21st. Maybe it’s time? Did it hurt? I never liked champagne. It’s cool to see how you’re tastes have changed, or how we expect one thing and then end up liking another. Anyway, you will have many more birthdays to enjoy!

    – Ermisenda

  2. Great post Daph and happy birthday again 🙂 Haha, nice job with the candles, I didn’t even notice the other letters until you mentioned them! And I love the tattoo. That’s very similar to the next tattoo I want to get 🙂 I have a tattoo in that same spot on my left wrist. Di it hurt much for you?

    Thanks for sharing your big day!


  3. Happy Birthday Daphnée 🙂 Love the red cake and the sketchy birds! Might challenge your ‘Best’ Champagne – talk someone into treating you to some Pol Roger as drunk by Sir Winston Churchill 🙂 I prefer it to Moet or Bollinger.

    1. ps – Try Blanquette de Limoux (or Cremante) – they were making champagne style wines down there before the champagnoise and you’ll get a great tasting wine for a quarter the price!

  4. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! It’s nice you got to do something special with your friends that day, even if it was a school trip, but the views did sound rewarding. Your tattoo is really pretty and simple, but did it hurt badly? I can’t see myself getting one though. Cheers to officially being an adult! Hehe 🙂

  5. ‘hahaha’ – always have to be careful about saying to a woman that she seems older than she is – but partly I am very brave drake and partly I’m sure you understands my view by saying this – not because there is anything wrong with being 18 years – “hahaha” – what I will say is that you write some really good posts – congratulations Evil Nymph… 🙂 😉

  6. Happy Birthday my friend. I wish you all the success, joy and many blessings on your special day and everyday. Cakes looks yummy and the bird sketches were perfect symbol of freedom and many new adventures ahead.

  7. Happy belated birthday! Cute birds – it’s nice that you are designing your tattoos yourself. Your “dream tattoo” design is quite beautiful as well – are you still planning to get it too someday?

  8. Well, I tweeted you on your birthday and wishing you again here, despite being late. Enjoy the days to come!

  9. Happy,Happy Birthday to you Evilny.Many Many more and may all your dreams come true .( Thank you for the visit.).Jalal

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