Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

When I first saw this week’s theme, pattern, it reminded me of my art classes at school a few years back. We had to draw a specific pattern all over an A3 size paper like the wrapping paper style… I didn’t really like it at that time.

Anyway, here’s my take for the challenge, a pattern that appeals much to me:

writer's pattern shirt


It’s a writing pattern! Awesome, right? Fit for aspiring writers 🙂

In fact this is the pattern found on my birthday shirt, the red one, which I showed in a photo in my birthday post, although the pattern can’t be clearly seen from a distance.


Also, here’s finally my latest and fourth speed drawing video, where I’m drawing a white direwolf, that of Jon Snow of Game of Thrones:

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An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

  1. Awesome! I think Nymphs are particularly good at this stuff.
    The Direwolf looks so cool!
    Now I feel terrible, If only I could draw a simple character! Haha!

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