Evil Pills: Should I Take Them Or Not?

Here’s this week’s Picture it & Write:

evil pills

“Take it. Take it!”

It sounded like a hiss, like the wind, but I knew that he had spoken. By he, I meant, the blue man. A hunchback, yet muscular, with a pretty face. Except maybe for the bushy eye lashes and the dark lips.

It, I mean, he was on his knee, bowing to me, keeping his head low. We were in a cave. Alone. It had been raining outside, and by now, night had fallen. Silly me, I had escaped from the camping site, seeking for more adventure, got lost…

And found it.

It was a very dark and cold cave, but the shining pill box that the man was holding tight around his fingers pierced through its persistent blackness. What were those pills? Why did he want me to take them? Were they harmful… or evil? Was he?

The pills shone in a bright orange light, hurting my eyes, yet I could not stop staring at them. I suddenly wanted to taste them, to know…

I gave away my hand…


I jumped and rushed a few steps back as I watched in horror the flesh of the man tearing apart near the armpit. A dark blue substance oozed out… as well as a… an arm?!

A mechanical arm. A robot-type one. The man bowed even lower and started to tremble slightly. He was scared, but he was reluctant to show it. Yet he seemed immune to the obvious pain near his shoulder and steadily kept his arm clutching the pill organizer straight and pointing at me.

While the substance, which was surely blood, dripped from the metallic arm to the dirty floor, the robotic fingers opened and closed as if it was stretching out after a long sleep. It now looked new and shiny, but not as bright as the pills. Then, it urged forward. The man winced. More blood poured out from his wound.

It wanted to take the pills.

“Take it…”

His voice was barely audible, but it seemed that I had received an electric shock. Without giving it a second thought, I seized the pill box away from the mechanical arm.

And ran for my life.

An Evil Nymph.

20 thoughts on “Evil Pills: Should I Take Them Or Not?

  1. Oh wow, you have such a vivid imagination, and your words are so eloquent that you are able to share it with us with confidence 🙂

    This was an awesome little story!!

    Thanks for sharing Daph 🙂


  2. I love how you paid focus on the mechanical arm! It was great (but also kinda gross! :P) how the mechanical arm busted out from the man. A creepy but gripping story! Uh-oh, I hope she doesn’t taste one of the pills now. Maybe she’ll become his twin with her own metal arm? Thanks for contributing. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  3. For me this is a metaphor for the ongoing culture of drugs – tempting someone into the circle so that they can be exploited. Sharp writing Daphnée 🙂

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