An Evil Nymph Needs A Break…

Hi everyone!

This is to inform you that I… well, I… (it’s so hard to say it but) I need a break from the blogging world.

Yes, that’s why I skipped this week’s Picture it & Write, I’m sorry for that.

It won’t take long, I hope, but for the time being I’m backing away from my blog. I’m just having a hard time in real life for the moment; I’m going through a lot lately. Thus I decided to trim my hobbies/activities temporarily.

So that I can find myself again.

evolution of flower

This is my latest photo by the way 🙂

There are still some guest posts that I need to publish that I’ve already approved and scheduled in the past, which you will be able to read and respond to while I’m taking my break.

And I’m still going to tweet, so for those who are interested, here’s my Twitter: @DaphYin.

And well…

I’m really really sorry.

But I need to do this.

I don’t know when I’ll come back, but be reassured that I will. Hopefully I might still post some photos from time to time.

Again I’m sorry.

Till we meet again,

An Evil Nymph.

16 thoughts on “An Evil Nymph Needs A Break…

  1. You have to take care of YOU first Daph! Hopefully things will get easier and you can come back sooner, come back better. You are in my prayers. Take care my friend.

  2. It’s a tough thing to keep a popular blog going with all the comments and blogs to keep up with, get yourself recharged and we shall keep checking back until you return. Miss you already but enjoy yourself in the meantime.

  3. I know the feeling. I may have to cut down my blogging at some point too. In any case, have fun and come back and visit us all when you can. 🙂

  4. I hope the best for you. It’s better to take a break than break who you are. Take the needed rest. We will miss you at Ermilia blog and your delightfully dark fiction at Picture it & write. Until we see you again! Take care, M. D. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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