Are These Sparky & Trendy Shamballa Bracelets For The Rich Folks Only? [Guest Post]

Shamballa bracelets have become the talk of the town. Ever since they were found in the hands of celebrities, people have become curious to learn more about the beautiful Shamballa bracelets. These intricately crafted bracelets are elegant and their colors are stunning.


shamballa bracelets

Indian and Tibetan Buddhists believe that a kingdom called Shamballa is in the Himalayan valleys and it is not easily accessible. Only those who aspire to reach glorifying heights in spiritualism are considered eligible to access the mythical kingdom. The kingdom overflows with harmony, love, peace and enlightenment. Inspired by the kingdom, Shamballa bracelets were born. They are exclusive, they are special, and they are trendy and are they only for the rich?


The Stones In Shamballa Bracelets

shamballa bracelet

The stones found in Shamballa bracelets are of different varieties. Right from ordinary wood to costly stones, Shamballa bracelets have every type of stone that you could think of. Regardless of the type of stone you choose, you stand to enjoy the healing power of Shamballa bracelets. Shamballa bracelets were originally made using metal and hematite beads. Later, many materials found place in the unique jewelry namely cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, resin, plastic and other inexpensive materials. Even waxed linen and nylon string are used in the making of Shamballa bracelets. Expensive stones like diamonds and other precious gemstones are used in Shamballa bracelets. Hence, it could be said that Shamballa bracelets are for every one and they do not cater to the needs of the rich only.


Colors In Shamballa Bracelets

 colourful shamballa bracelet

Each color has specific qualities. Shamballa bracelets come in different colors. You may make your choice based on your personality and the areas where you feel you need to improve. Seven colors in Shamballa bracelets are associated with seven energy centers and hence by making the right choice, you can ensure sound physical health and mental attitude.


Priceless In Terms Of Worth

 shamballa bracelet

Shamballa bracelets have healing power regardless of the type of stones you choose. You may opt for costlier ones or seek to go for the inexpensive stones. Whatever may be your choice, you can be assured of results by wearing a Shamballa bracelet. The colors have influence and so do the seven energy centers. Hence, while making your choice, take some time to analyze your personality and your health condition. Costly stones are attractive and worth when you consider investment, but the bottom line of wearing Shamballa jewellery is to ensure harmonious life.


Life is not just about existing. It is about existing in good health in a peaceful environment and with compassion for others. Life is about love and love binds all. It is not about wearing costly ornaments. It is about being simple, honest, helpful and happy. Shamballa bracelets offer all these to you and here the rate of the stone does not matter. What is worth is the benefit the bracelets have to offer. The benefits can be enjoyed regardless of the stone you choose. Even if you choose the cheapest of stones, Shamballa bracelets will look unique on them and still hold their meaning they promise. Shamballa bracelets are priceless even if you choose a cheap stone. Shamballa bracelets are not only for the rich; they are for every one who seeks it.


About the author:

Rekha is currently working at Maruti Beads – an online handmade beads & jewelry store. She keeps herself updated with latest fashion trends and likes to write articles on surrounding topics.

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