The ‘I’M GUILTY’ Episode!

One more week and my exams will finally be over. ONE WEEK! Well, they end on Thursday. Anyway, I wasn’t supposed to do anything like blogging or YouTubing… but I couldn’t help it. I was much active on Twitter especially.

And I bought art stuff!

Yes, I’m definitely guilty!

Then, yesterday I did the thing that a student in exams period should put last in their to-do list and that is… I did a video. Well I filmed one with the help of my little sister, and now it’s up on YouTube!

I guess it would be inhuman to be able to remain buried in school books 24/24.

So here’s the video:

And I even compiled a BLOOPERS video to go along with it… since my sister and I were having so much fun and bouts of laughter!


My blogging regularity will resume after Thursday, and my YouTube channel will be more active than ever! 😛

So I wish you a happy weekend and upcoming week!

Until Thursday,

An Evil Nymph.

6 thoughts on “The ‘I’M GUILTY’ Episode!

  1. A blog that even includes the special features like DVD, proper innovative you are and you made me grin. Have a great weekend yourself my friend!

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