The Golden Hour + My Holiday Plans!

I’m officially getting back to the Weekly Photo Challenge! And this week’s theme is The Golden Hour

the golden hour sunrise

I took this photo from my room and it’s sunrise on a Saturday morning when I usually do my weekly morning jogging. It’s not a much recent photo but I think I never shared it with you right? Although I did on instagram.

golden hour sunrise

That’s a better one.

Anyway, this means I’m back to blogging and… my exams are over! Well for now. My finals will be on October and this will be HELL!

In the meantime, here’s what I plan to do during the 3-week holiday I get for this term:

1. Catch up on my readings!

game of thrones

I’ve read the second book before I pick up the first, and I left the first in the middle of the story because of my exams but I really want to finish it and move on to the other books now 😀

2. Finish my painting on canvas AND my built-in-progress art portfolio which are due for September for my art courses.

painting on canvas

3. Make YouTube videos! Vlogs and art 😀 In case you missed my first:

4. Catch up on my self-taught Italian courses! via and Babbel (an android app) and this book:

bescherelle italien

5. Should I say blogging again? 😛 Okay let’s say WordPressing!

Anyway, happy holidays for those who follow the same education system, and have a great weekend!

An Evil Nymph.

PS: I’m very active on Twitter lately so if you have a Twitter account, don’t hesitate to add me @DaphYin!

14 thoughts on “The Golden Hour + My Holiday Plans!

  1. Excellent video 🙂 Learning from old masters by reproducing their work in your own style is a good way to improve your technique – the same is true of photography. At least some of my transport photography is a result of studying the work of Colin Gifford and I don’t see why it should be any different for those using pencil, oil or acrylic to express themselves 🙂

    Nice sunrises out of your window! Welcome back 🙂

  2. Great post ,insightful of an artist .Thank you Evilny for following my site.l enjoy tour posts.Cheers.jalal

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