Celebrating A Masterpiece: An Evil Nymph’s Blog’s 2nd Year Anniversary!


An Evil Nymph’s Blog is proud to celebrated it’s 2nd year anniversary! 😀

happy birthday

I also wanted to merge this week’s photo challenge, which is masterpiecein this post, but instead of submitting a photo, I’m simply submitting a masterpiece I’ve been working on for 2 years exactly, yes you guessed it, my masterpiece is this blog!

I’m speechless.

I don’t know what to say… 2 years is a lot. And back when I started this blog, I would have never known that it would have led me to how I am today.

So what did it all bring me to? What impacts did blogging have on my life?

Since the launching of this blog, I…

1. Participated in (Camp) NaNoWriMo’s

2. Developed and improved my writing

3. Found my passion – art in all its forms (writing, drawing, painting and sometimes even photography)

4. Built up more self-esteem and self-confidence, although I still have much work to do about these.

5. Became more open-minded and social in such a wide multi-cultural friendly virtual community as WordPress 🙂

6. Became kinder than what my blog’s title claims to be (evil!)

7. Developed my time management skills

8. Developed my marketing skills

9. Realised that I was never alone in whatever situation I was in

10. Finally realised that in the end what makes a blog or any ‘business’ successful is not the blog nor the blogger itself, but the readers.

Yes, YOU are what made this blog as it is now. 

And I love it, thank you!

Hopefully, this blog will survive another year 🙂

Lots of Love,

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “Celebrating A Masterpiece: An Evil Nymph’s Blog’s 2nd Year Anniversary!

  1. CONGRATS!!! Great stuff! … I always know where to look if I need some “pep”…
    Heard someone’s doing her A levels soon… here’s a wish “break a leg” *wink*

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