My Attempt At Teaching You HOW TO PAINT!

Through this week’s video of mine:

From the description of the video, here’s what I’m mainly talking about:

In this video I attempt to teach how to paint using those simple steps:
1. Identify shapes and colours
2. Taking into account tints and shades
3. Using the tint-colour-shade pattern for the blending process
4. Even more blending tips

This is my own painting technique, thus you are free to do the same or follow your own habits. I’m mostly referring to painting with acrylics and on a canvas, since that’s what I did but the methods I mentioned can also be applied in other situations.

By the way this video is mainly dedicated to my art friends as I tried to give away my best advice for them to get even more ready for the exposition 🙂

I really hope I didn’t confuse anyone, but if I did I’m sorry and I’ll do better next time. It’s my goal to teach and share whatever I know about art thus there might be more videos like this one.

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how to paint video thumbnail

By the way I’m so glad that YouTube finally let me custom my video thumbnails 😀

Until next time,

An Evil Nymph.

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8 thoughts on “My Attempt At Teaching You HOW TO PAINT!

  1. YOU ARE SIMPLY FANTASTIC! Your simple and modest approach will have me painting tomorrow ! Thanks So very much, you are brilliant! I am inspired!

  2. I like how you simplify art and make it less imposing. For the less than talented people who enjoy your work, such as myself it’s great to see how you work and your perspective and approach to art, it is unique and very interesting as well as all round awesome.

  3. I honestly had no clue how to paint skin. Whatsoever. An objective look at shapes sounds interesting.. hope I won’t see all triangles and rounds walking around! D:

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