The Story Of My Very First Art Exhibition

Saturday 14th September 2013.

I was really nervous. Especially that they would not only be exhibiting my painting, but also my portfolio and the idea of so many people going through my drawings just freaked me out. I’m very sensible about my art and although I should think about that, I can’t help but wonder whether people like what they see or not.

At the CCEF, there are two categories of art courses: one is the adult one, from 14 years old and up, like the one I got myself into, and the second is for the smaller ones, the children one.

On the day of the exhibition, the works of the younger ones were hung on the wall outside in the common corridor while ours were waiting for us in the exhibition room.

The cocktail party wouldn’t begin before 16.30 but together with my parents I arrived at 16.20. I had more than enough time to admire the children’s drawings, all so filled with talent 🙂 The children’s group was already present and waiting as well, By 16.30 my friends came and soon the director of the Centre let us in the exhibition room. My friends and I waited a little, allowing the children to go first and finally went in…

panorama art exhibition

(I tried the panorama option, so as to get the whole room all together)

panorama art exhibition

And there they were, all of our works, paintings, on the walls, shining in artificial light.

Without wasting a single moment, parents and friends all urged us, the masters of our masterpieces to pose next to our work so that they would capture this moment with their cameras 😉 That moment was actually so funny because we were just… lost in all this jungle of people staring at our work, taking photos… taking space as well. And the room wasn’t that big. But we finally made it to get to the front:

hi flora!

Hi Flora!! It’s been a while and I miss you!

art expo

We all did an amazing job, art friends 🙂

art friends

Of course I’m friends with everyone in the group but there are specifically two girls that are dearest to me, Asliyah and Atiyya (see photo above) and we were so excited to see that our three works of art were hung next to one another!

art friends work of art

To tell you the truth during the whole party I barely looked at my painting or any of my works and instead admired others’. This was not only because I was nervous – although I wasn’t anymore since my art friends came – but because I was just tired of seeing my art. I would rather praise other people’s work at that time 😛 Because everyone did a great job.

So we decided to start from the beginning, from the door’s side, where the wall was covered with beautiful drawings!

wall drawings

Then, next to that, our portfolios were lying on tables and there were even cushioned chairs for those who wanted to take their time into our drawings!

art portfolio

Yet some just preferred standing 😉


Not my mum though! Did you know that she hadn’t had the chance to take a look at my portfolio until that day??

mum looking at my art portfolio

There were also other portfolios on another table, without any chairs this time though. This was where my dearest art friends’ portfolios were so we quickly went to have a look!

Although it was sooo crowded…

art portfolios

Nevertheless I squeezed in! Hehe.

And showed off Atiyya’s best drawings, as she was the photographer at this point. 😉

admiring art portfolio

There was a point where the director called out and said: the teacher’s here!

But it was a false alarm.

Anyway, we had no choice but to begin the ceremony officially… without him. The director called us to attention and she started to give a welcome speech. Suddenly she stopped talking and stared into the crowd as she pointed out and exclaimed: “Oh here you are!”

It was our dear art teacher who had blended into the crowd while she had been speaking! The director made a similar comment about it and we all laughed.

He’s a simple and humble man, my teacher. 😛

Especially that even though he had been busted, he still remained among us while the director continue her speech.

Then, she held out our little certificates! I forgot to take a photo of it, but it’s only a simple white envelope in which was an acknowledging card on our participation in the course. But the piece of paper didn’t matter, it was the experience and friends I got that really makes me proud.

There were two piles of white envelopes. One for the children’s section and the other for us. The children had to take theirs after the opening ceremony since they were too big of a crowd. However for us, the director called us name by name to come and take our envelope and even point out which painting or drawing was ours.

Only one mistake.

They replaced my envelope with that of one belonging to the children’s group, while mine was lost among the children’s. So when the director called a certain name and a little girl came forward to take it… well I didn’t know at first, but then when my name didn’t come, I realised that an exchange of envelopes had happened. Fortunately, the director had asked whether everyone in our group had heard their name so I raised my name to say that I didn’t. She asked for my name and started searching in the other pile.

“Ah yes of course Daphnée…”

That was an interesting moment actually. When she gave me the envelop she insisted that I came forward then that I pointed out my painting… which was just behind her in fact. And since I was the last one, the teacher took the opportunity to say a few words, something like:

“I was actually very surprised. She’s only a beginner but within 10 months she progressed very fast, and normally” He pointed at Flora, my painting, “it would take years for someone already experienced in the field to paint like this…” (or did he say that after the ceremony? I can’t remember)

The director took that opportunity to ask my teacher to at last come in front and give a little speech.

As he came, I went back next to my friends… and we were challenged with being able to take a photo of our teacher without having children’s heads appearing on frame!

salim khodabaccus

Not bad, not bad 😛

And since I just posted a photo of him, I might as well finally revealed his true identity, other than calling him ‘Mr. Tart’ as I do in my videos. Anyway, he’s been a painter so, he’s already famous locally… I guess.

His real name is Salim Khodabaccus. 🙂

salim khodabaccus

Oh yes, we got the right shot!

After his speech, congratulating us all, one of his student, and one of my art friends, asked to give a speech as well!

art expo

He spoke for us all, he said, and gave a heartfelt bouquet of gratitude to our teacher.

Oh, and there was a moment when the director informed us about journalists coming to see our work earlier this morning. Meanwhile, on her side, someone was holding a huge camera, like the one journalists and reporters use. She noticed him and asked him: “Oh are you a journalist??”


The man said no. We all burst out of laughter. He was in fact only a parent, a relative of one of us. A very passionate parent on the subject of photography I should said. Indeed, during the whole party, he took millions of photos! So much that I couldn’t even know to whom he was related. He just seemed like a photographer-loner. But he was so fascinating that Atiyya and I couldn’t help but sneak beside him and take a photo of him taking a photo! Photo-ception!


After the opening ceremony, we were allowed to eat biscuits and cake and drink coffee 🙂 Or soft drinks, but my friends and I wanted to be like grown-ups so we drank coffee. Anyway, since we came in, Atiyya was like: “But where’s the champagne??” Haha! Maybe not enough funds, I don’t know.

It doesn’t matter anyway; what we did during the remaining time, was… to take photos, of course! First with our teacher and art friends 🙂

class photo

class photo 2

There were paparazzis everywhere. So it’s no wonder why everyone’s looking in a different direction.

After that, we went to check out and capture with our little cameras our other friends’ works with the artist standing next to them!

Starting with her as she painted that beautiful flower behind her 🙂

art friend

She also did this amazing brownish mushroom, in her portfolio, which I remember all too well when she did it in class back in December…

mushroom drawing

Then, here comes the husband, the one who actually gave away the speech dedicated to our teacher, and since I came in I’ve been longing to take a shot of him and his Renaissance painting, framed like it was an artwork imported directly from the Musée du Louvres!

work of art

renaissance art

The lights spoil it all.

Next, here are other beautiful works of art by other people in my class; I guess they were busy somewhere, either eating or talking to the teacher, so I didn’t get the chance to place them in frame as well.


I’ve been in love with the Japanese painting done by a girl who had been working with our teacher for a few years now, and it’s just beautiful!

Japanese painting

However this isn’t her, it’s Atiyya’s sister and my sister respectively 😛

You know, during that event, I felt so great… and weird as well, because it seemed too awesome to be true and it was just like a dream, which started as quickly as it ended.

I also felt that… this wasn’t going to be the last. I just feel that there will be other such events in the future where I will be praised for myself and my work. This was like only a taste of what could possible await me later. The real adventure is not over. I especially got this kind of premonition when I was standing alone in front of some paintings (I was actually searching for my friends) and all of a sudden, a woman approached me. She embraced me, congratulated me. I said thanks and she said:

“Your work is beautiful.” She pointed at a crowd staring at my Flora. “My family couldn’t stop admiring it.”

I was mind-blown. Never thought that even strangers would have come to me personally to praise my painting. It just… felt amazing.

And on the spot, the thought of publishing my novels came into my mind, and I smiled and thanked her again. As we parted, I thought to myself that one day, a best-selling novel of mine would take the place of my painting.

And I’ll finally realise my greatest dream.

Isn’t that so exciting??

In all, this event just made me realise that nothing is impossible. That dreams do come true. 

Afterwards one of my art friends asked me to host an exhibition of mine one day and invite them all. I said sure, why not? That would be fun!

One day 🙂

In the end, I was tired taking photos but still we took some last shots… of the messy empty table, where food and drink were once served.

I know. We’re crazy 😉

Thus at 18.00 we all parted, saying our goodbyes, wishing luck to one another, knowing that this was our very last day all together. I was among the very last ones to go.

goodbye art

And I returned home. Happy.

An Evil Nymph.

26 thoughts on “The Story Of My Very First Art Exhibition

  1. I sooooooo envy everyone who attended! your family must be so proud of you! I can’t wait to see your work showcased at the Musée du Louvres and I KNOW it will 🙂 🙂

  2. Daphnee, look at you! Omigoodness, you are growing into such a fine young lady and your art is just absolutely stunning. You’re completely right, this all just shows you that nothing is impossible and this is only a sign of more amazing things to come! Congratulations on being able to celebrate your artwork like this, I’m really and truly happy for you! 🙂
    – Cafe xoxo


    Loved all those photos, & you look so well & happy. It’s joy to see you living art, creativity, beauty. Wonderful 🙂

  4. Wow, all the works are fantastic. and yours is just so beautiful, you have such talent!

    Congratulations on your exhibition, so, so cool 🙂


  5. Well done you Daphnée 🙂 It was great to read about the exhibition and see you and your friends enjoying the recognition for your work.

  6. You did so well. Congratulations! 😀 Keep the dream alive. I know you’re on leave for exams so good luck with that too. Study study study!

    – Ermisenda

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