Merry Halloween! | Edition 2013

Of course, An Evil Nymph never misses Halloween, and you’ve been a follower since I started this blog, you are well aware that although I don’t get to properly celebrate Halloween because it is not a tradition or even an event in my country, Mauritius, I always find something Halloween-y to do.

In 2011, on the first Halloween I ever celebrated on this blog, I dressed up as a witch/druid/Wiccan girl and in 2012, I simply wore black and orange, the orange part being a DIY ‘An Evil Nymph’ tank top, and now in 2013 I’m going to dress up as a modern medieval lady/princess! As such:


In fact I have to go out today because I’m being issued my national ID card – so I’m officially an adult as from today 😉 And it’s luckily fallen on Halloween’s day!

So here’s my complete casual yet still Halloween-y outfit as I try to fit in the camera’s frame:


Yeah! An envelope clutch!!! I’ve been dying to have one of those since they started getting back into fashion hehe!

I’m also bringing with me… my Halloween gift! A gift I bought to myself yesterday, together with a group of friends 😛

Here it is:

halloween gift (2)

Muahaha totally evil nymph-y right?

Now I can kill people. 😉

Sincerely, I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now especially that I never seem to have any scissors in hand when I need them the most! So I just love that it has so many options… and in the photos it’s only half of what it can do! Awesome right?

I also made a vlog especially for Halloween, which is up on my channel:

Okay I gotta go now!!!

Merry Halloween everyone! Have fun!

An Evil Nymph.


14 thoughts on “Merry Halloween! | Edition 2013

  1. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Hope you had an awesome Halloween 🙂 Love the outfit and congrats on getting your ID card hehe, now you can be totally evil!


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