Getting Myself… Nerdy Holidays!

I don’t know why many people think ‘nerd’ to be pejorative.

So my exams are finally over! And my long long holidays, until I go to university next year in September probably, have just begun!

And what I’ve learnt during those seven years in college… is to be myself.

Which reminds me how sometimes people would call me ‘nerd’ to taunt me… but I would only be pleased, as for me being a nerd is awesome! How can reading books and getting obsessed over Game of Thrones NOT be awesome?? 😉

Thus, here’s how I’m going to spend my ‘nerdy’ holidays… at least for the time being!

1. Catch up on reading the Game of Thrones series! (I’m currently at ‘A Storm of Swords 2’!)

a storm of swords 2

2. Go watch ‘Catching Fire’ on the big screen with my friends as soon as it comes out here!

catching fire

3. Buy books! (i.e. the remaining Game of Thrones series ^^)

a feast for crows and a dance with dragons

4. Keep up the Vlogbrothers marathon! 

(i.e. I’m watching all of their videos from the very first one!!! I’m already at the 2011 playlist :D)

5. Keep up watching Revenge, Once Upon A Time every Sunday + get all the episodes of Bates Motel + wait impatiently for Game of Thrones season 4 to come out in 2014!

tv shows addiction

6. And of course, at last, I’m going to take part in all my usual nerdy activities such as blogging, vlogging, and writing a novel! 🙂

I'm a nerd!

I’m so excited!

Thus, you’ll be seeing more of me and my blog posts and in the blogosphere in general as from Monday. Yeah!

Have a great weekend!

Anything planned for the holidays?

An Evil Nymph.

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