On Making The Right Decision

Today I dreamt I had to sit for an exams… although I felt in holidays… so I had to learn poems. Not exactly related to the subject of this post but… it was scary!

Well maybe it is slightly related as the ‘right decision’ for me at the moment is all about education! After all, I just finished my A-levels and now I have to decide which course I want to study and which university I’d like to apply to.


For an 18 year old like me, these decisions are scary… since they feel to be life changing! Especially that I know I’m so whimsical concerning my future! I’ve always had many dreams, including the one of becoming a bestselling author which never fades away…

This week I’ve decided to start applying online to universities. I’ll use UCAS for the UK ones but for other countries I’ll have to apply individually… and that’s a pain, to be frank. Anyway for the time being I have an eye for the University of British Columbia in Canada. For France I believe I’ll check out the Sorbonne University…

Well there’s much thinking, deciding and working to do!

If you have been reading my earlier posts, you may remember one in which I mention that I’ve decided to take a different course from Creative Writing… a course that will unleash my imagination and increase my knowledge which will allow me to develop more stories! And then I might have told you that I was going to apply for a degree in Fine Arts.

But here I am, applying for a degree in psychology!

With such a changing mind… won’t I end up having regrets? Or ‘what if’s moments?

Well, since I think WAY too much, I came up with a theory which enables my mind to be at peace with whatever decision I’m making and not regret anything.

And that’s what my latest video is all about:

Warning: The video is rather long (about 7 minutes) and consists of 6 mins of serious talking.

I thought of communicating this theory of mine through blogging at first because it would have perhaps been better in writing than in 7 minutes listening… or maybe not, it depends on your taste, but I decided to do a vlog about it instead because it concerns my Art channel, since it is in the end all about why I’m taking psychology instead of Fine Arts!

In any case, don’t worry, I won’t stop vlogging. And thus my art channel might much better be referred to my vlogging channel. 🙂

Meanwhile… I hope you’re having a great week!

You can comment about anything at all below! XD Or if you have any questions…

An Evil Nymph.

12 thoughts on “On Making The Right Decision

  1. I went into university not knowing what I wanted to do and changed my major partway through. I wish I knew then what I know now, but that’s life. 🙂 Good luck with all your applications (I think you should go to Canada, but that’s just because Canada is awesome)

  2. If you follow what interests you at present then you will always be interested and interesting. If you always pursue what makes you happy at present then you will always be happy.

    After I graduated high school I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. Electronics seemed to make sense so I went to a good electronics school and I did very well but, honestly, I didn’t care and dropped out before the first semester was over. The most significant moment of that time was when I saw a beautiful white grand piano in someone’s living room from the sidewalk and I somehow had the nerve to knock on that stranger’s door and ask if I could play it. Remarkably the lady of the house let me in and I played it for about an hour after which she and her husband made me lunch. Is that not the oddest thing?

    What I ended up doing in college is what it has been more traditionally meant to do, which is to round you out as a person and to give you the opportunity to explore what interests you. It is only in recent decades that people have come to look at college as preparation for a career. I had been through a battery of tests which ultimately determined that I should be a social worker as what would make me happiest in life.

    What I did was to major in psychology with a double minor in music and writing. At every step of the way I aggressively pursued what interested me. Fortunately I am creative enough so that in every class and every situation in life I can isolate at least something that interests me and I focus on that. I ended up completing a double major in music and psychology and a minor in writing. Those were my interests in order of my personal priority and I loved every second of it because I pursued all those things that I love and never once sweated what I did not care about. I remember having to write an essay in a humanities class and I instead turned in a play which included all the requirements of the essay. Luckily, it amused the professor and I got away with both having fun and doing what was required of me. The grand solution in life, to me, is to do what is required of you but to do it in a way that suits you.

    I can’t understand the desire to be a best-selling author. I can very much understand having a passion for writing and reveling in the writing process. The desire for success is an artificial desire that is momentary and largely meaningless, the love of what you are doing and focusing on in the present moment is what defines you and ignoring that is alienating you from yourself.

    I am retired now at the tender age of 56. If I want to study music, I study music. If I want to write, I write. If I want to help people, I help people. If I want to watch TV, I watch TV.

    The worst thing is to be a clock watcher: to be looking forward to going home from work, to be looking past college for a career, to be waiting to grow up to be an adult, to write only to get an award, to learn a piece of music only to hear the applause of an audience. To be a clock watcher is to never appreciate the present moment and perpetually live an empty life.

    I’m going now to put the dishes away. In my own way, in my own style, I will take them from the dishwasher and put everything away just so, examining things for dryness and cleanliness. I will be aware of the sounds, the sureness of touch as I pick things up, the feel of the cabinet doors as I open and shut them, and all the while I will be putting my stamp on the activity and living that moment as if I were performing art. It amuses me to look at things and do things in this manner always. And so everything I do has meaning, is fulfilling, is done well. That makes me happy with my life throughout every day and in every circumstance as I look at things for what they are and perform in a way that is true to myself.

    Enjoy your adventure in college.

  3. Good luck evilnymph! Remember, there are no deadends in life, you can always change your course! And my friend you are already half way there, you know what you want to do and what makes you happy! You ‘ll make it! 😉

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