Weekly Photo Challenge | Community

This week’s challenge is based on the theme of Community. And here’s what I got…

silver christmas tree


At this time of the year our whole worldwide community stirs in unity due to the holiday season, especially Christmas.

And in my opinion, this tall silver Christmas tree feels like the meeting point in my country, where families and friends get together. In fact every time I walked by it, people would only be even more in numbers to be drawn by its silver light.

It was amazing.

silver christmas tree 2

Indeed, this tree unites us all.

Happy Holidays!

An Evil Nymph.

P.S.: I recently discovered that I had an unused Flickr account since 2008, because I have a Yahoo! actually, and decided to use it as from now! Anyone is on Flickr? Tell me!!! And you can find my Flickr HERE!

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