Christmas Presents In Advance | Edition 2013

I remembered I made a similar post back in 2011 when I received my first and only Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy SII, in addition to a wonderful book of course.

Well this year, I also decided to get myself something tech-y as well as books and since I got my gifts way before Christmas (i.e. for more than a week)… today’s post is born!

But first, for the sake of the Christmas and holiday spirit, I’d like to share with you an event a group of YouTubers, including me, are doing to help other YouTubers, as during the holiday season we want to Do Good 🙂

Here it is:

Hope you have some spare time to watch it! If not, without further ado, here are my 2013 Christmas presents!

1. Books!

I can’t not ask for books for Christmas especially that there’s no school at that time of the year. So I got the remaining A Song Of Ice and Fire (a.k.a. Game of Thrones) books by George R. R. Martin that were missing in my collection, the 4th and 5th ones:

Book 4 and 5 of A Song Of Ice And Fire

When I learnt that there was going to be a 6th and 7th book I was so excited!!! And I just barely started the 4th 😛

2. The tech-y gift!

If you have been watching my vlogs on YouTube you may surely not have noticed that when I started my videos could only go up to 720p video quality… but recently they can go up to Full HD! And that’s not because I tricked my video editing software to do so… No, better, I bought myself a new camera!!!

My first aim was to have better video quality and the possibly of flipping the LCD screen in a way that I’m able to film and look at myself without the need for an external mirror, but I didn’t want a camcorder, though this would have been a better option, because I like to have both the possibility of filming and taking photos with only one device. That’s obviously much handy!

Of course I wanted to upgrade, thus have a better camera than the one I already had, but I didn’t want to buy something too expensive or professional… So I got myself a bridge (or semi-pro) camera, which is…

Druuuummmmm roooollll!!!!

The Nikon Coolpix p520!

Nikon Coolpix p520

Too bad a camera cannot take a selfie of itself!

Oh and I call her Candy 🙂 Don’t ask why, I have no idea!

In fact this was also my very first adult expense… meaning that my parents didn’t pay for it, I did. Yes so I wasn’t sure about labelling Candy as a gift but well… that’s all I’m getting for Christmas 😛

Anyway, these past few days I’ve been reading a lot of photography websites, learning as much as I could about photography… because, on second thought, I didn’t pay such a camera to only focus on filming! Hehe! It’s in fact really exciting to be learning something new, you know. Especially something artistic.

Thus my takes for the Weekly Photo Challenge are hopefully getting better. 😉


What are you getting for Christmas?? Comment down below!

An Evil Nymph.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Presents In Advance | Edition 2013

  1. I have entered the smart phone world. I received a very nice IPhone 5 for Christmas from my husband.
    I was afraid to attempt this type of phone. I am extremely happy that it is easier to manage than my laptop.
    Sometimes, fearing the unknown can hold us back. I think that is going to be my New Year’s resolution
    ‘I will be less fearful of technology’. ~~~~~~ : – )
    Enjoy your camera and books. I hope to follow your photo challenges, too, when you post them.
    Merry Christmas !!!!
    p.s. I have learned how to text, as well. haha

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