Weekly Photo Challenge | Window

looking out of the window




I wanted to emphasise on the window patterns so that’s why I underexposed myself 😉

So, window… When I think of it, my mind automatically goes to the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So windows are like doors, except that we only look through it and not go through it. We’re more likely to open a door and go to the other side than open the window and jump.

Thus, the window shows the way… but does not give a solution to get to it.

You look out, but you can’t do anything.

That’s exactly what I’ve been feeling lately. I am currently busy with applying to universities and at the same time, writing a novel. I can visualise what I want my future to be, but I’m alone in this, and only the images accompany me. I’m not sure if I will eventually be able to attain my dreams and goals. I can look, but I can’t reach out to them directly. I have to find my own ways.

I believe I am kind of stressed.

Anyway, this week I finally decided to take my camera and vlog, the very first time since 2014 began. And here’s my video:

Vlogging kind of makes me feel better 🙂

Have a great week!

An Evil Nymph.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge | Window

  1. The windows add a nice touch in this case but with you in it? it’s perfect Daphnee 🙂 love the patterns on it too! is this at your place?

  2. Very cool top, you have on your vlog! I loved windows, they stop physical things getting out or in but equally allow in light and colour. I blummin’ love windows….I’m sure most people look out of windows rather than at them.

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