Some Catching Up After My 19th Birthday!

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to An Evil Nymph’s Blog!

birthday ootd

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here, and I intend to do some catching-up to keep my readers updated, and at the same time, give this blog something fresh to show off to those I gave my business card recently, hehe 😛

So, first of all, I am now 19 years old, since Saturday 3 May, and thank you for all the birthday wishes, to those who know me on Facebook or Instagram!

Now, if you are new to this blog, let me present myself before going to the updates: I’m currently in the time period that lies between high school and university and thus I spend time at home, aspiring to become a writer, and waiting for July to come, because then I’ll fly from my country, Mauritius, to Malaysia to study in Monash University, and more precisely to get a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Thus, here’s what I’ve been doing:

1. Writing. I’m actually working on two projects; a big one, which is an urban fantasy complicated novel of 100,000 words which I’ve just finished the first draft, and a small one, a novella of about 30,000 words which is meant to be romantic, heartbreaking, poetic, and especially confusing at first but with a clear settling closure. I’m currently writing the second project and soon I’m going back to the first one for revision.

2. Reading. I’m doing a Goodreads Reading challenge of 50 books in 2014, and I’m on a roll! I love it. If you want to add me as a friend, feel free to click HERE!

3. #100happydays challenge. If you haven’t heard about it… Google is your best friend! That’s what mainly occupy me every day since I have to post a photo on Instagram every single day! If you’re doing it as well, let me know! My instagram: dkwaye

4. Learning Italian. I know I’m supposed to learn Mandarin, instead, or even Malay since I’m going to Malaysia… but I can’t help being in love with Italian! So I work on it every day on Duolingo, an amazing app that gives you incentives to keep on practising, such as virtual money to buy cool stuff on the store that help you along the way of your learning progress… and in addition, it’s so colourful!

5. Watching TV series. Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time, Revenge… you name it! I have yet to download Hannibal! Anyway I am obsessed with TV series as much as with books, and I guess that’s because they help me write better stories 🙂 Learn from the masters, that’s a tip I’d give to anyone who is in the Arts business 😉

6. And finally, modelling photography. Is that the right term? I have no idea and I’m too lazy to check out my Google friend at the moment, but basically this was an idea of mine from the moment my A-levels were over and I got many of my friends to be my models, and it’s just so fun! At least, my camera, Candy, doesn’t remain idle! Besides, I found out something about myself from this: in every form of art I undertake, I realise I can’t just not include people. What I mean by that is that without people, it all feels empty, obviously in the stories, but also in photos and paintings. People just… give art life. And that’s funny coming from an introvert like me. I guess that Art has become my way of being able to go towards other people 🙂


I think I might start vlogging again, and for those who don’t know, I have a YouTube channel called DaphYinArt 🙂

Just like I should keep on blogging again. In fact, I better keep on blogging since it’s been the easiest means for me to share my experiences online with you, guys, in my opinion. I hope this blog doesn’t become a place where I always end up giving you updates in my life. I have to resume the Weekly Photo Challenges from time to time too!

So maybe you’ll see me here every week 🙂 There was a time I could post here every 2 days but these days with all of my projects… it’s been impossible! I apologize for this change of schedule, and I hope you’ll stay tuned!

Have a great week everyone!

An Evil Nymph.

17 thoughts on “Some Catching Up After My 19th Birthday!

  1. Welcome home to WP! 😀 looking forward to your next VLOG 🙂 really enjoying them, I especially like your trying out the modelling side of things! it’s perfect with your knowledge on makeup 🙂

  2. Just realize you and I share the same birthdate. Though it’s been a while since I was 19. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! How time flies! It seems you were 16 only yesterday! You are just as cute as ever! And I still love everything you do, you are a most amazing young woman.

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