Narcissism & Manipulation


~ Being a future psychology student, I decided to create a new category of posts here on An Evil Nymph’s Blog which will be dealing with some of my weird and crazy theories of life and people. For fun, of course since I don’t have a degree yet. Also I’m not trying to make generalisations and it’ll be best that as you read on imagine putting in the word ‘maybe’ in every sentence. These are only my 19 year old opinions. Anyway, scroll down at your own risk… and enjoy! ~


Narcissist. Self-centred. These are words that describe those people who are in “pursuit of gratification from vanity” or have egotistic admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, that derive from arrogant pride.” (Source: Wikipedia)

When I first discovered that word, I could easily identify some of the people I knew having such a behaviour. From what I had seen in my short life, narcissism was not hard to decipher as those people were so open about being like this… and even proud of their self-adoration. One could imagine someone who likes holding a mirror and looking into it 24 hours a day without shame.

However, lately I’ve found another kind of narcissism. One of a more subtle nature.

And more dangerous as well.



He wants to stand out from the crowd; thus he usually has a unique and even amazing personality, however he also likes to follow the trends. A fashionable self-marginalisation.

His narcissism is hidden yet very strong. He hides it behind exaggerated modesty and self-insults, such as ‘I’m not good at this’ or ‘no way is my work good enough’.

He does all this because, in fact, compared to other narcissists, his pride of himself is actually fuelled by the people around him. With his shining personality, balanced with mainstream fashion (so as to get to even the most commonest of people), he attracts his preys, yes preys as you will understand soon, forces them with his hyperbolic modesty to reassure him like ‘of course your work is amazing’ and such. Eventually these compliments, which ever narcissists crave for, boost him up and inflate his pride, as planned.

Nevertheless, it is not enough. Being complimented, appreciated and admired by everyone is not satisfactory for him. There is the need for manipulation.

Indeed, another thing about him: he likes people to be like him, and he tries to influence and therefore change those who are not. He yearns to see his reflection in others. He does not like mirrors. He prefers people.

The way he manipulates people reminds me of the classical ‘reward or punishment’ means. Pavlov’s dog anyone? 🙂

What I mean is, let’s say, for a very simple dumb example, that the narcissist likes to drink a particular brand of water. Now, you as the person who admires him thinks that this special preference of his is ‘cool’ as it is unlike what you or your surroundings usually drink, all the while being biased by the fact that he has such an outstanding personality, which everyone wishes to have eventually. So one day, you take the leap and buy a bottle of water of this brand. You think you’ve at last attracted his attention when in fact he is the one who really did catch yours. Thus, as any predator, he comes to his prey.

You’ve been able to have a conversation with him and started a friendship at last. However, since you bought only one of the special bottles, the next day you are back to that usual brand of yours. To your disappointment, he does not come to you this time, although he still recognises you and waved at you. But no solid conversation, no improvement of the sort. So what can you do? Bring that specific brand again.

And in fact the narcissist will only want to become your friend once you have decided to drink only that brand of his. Then, he might lose interest again as only drinking the same water isn’t enough to satisfy his narcissism. He will slowly compel you to speak like him, act like him, eat what he only likes, even think like him… and so on.

Thus in the end we are left with a narcissist… and his DIY copycats. The more copycats he gets, the stronger he gets.

This however makes him a vulnerable being. People only have to find back their own personality and turn their back to him and he will become weak, desperate, unsure of himself. 

Finally, he believes that he is superior, almost like a God, who wants to recreate the others to his own image. 



See how I can’t wait to get into real psychological studies?

So now tell me in the comments below, have you ever encountered someone like that… or can you identify yourself to that case in one way or another?

An Evil Nymph.

14 thoughts on “Narcissism & Manipulation

  1. Wow, 19 years young, you will make a terrific psychologist with the insight you have now. I have never been one to force others any more than anyone can change me. I am proud of the fact I’m unique a one-off. My friends get to retain their individuality as I go for quality not quantity. I don’t make friends easily, I have lots of acquaintances but not many will make it through. What can you tell me about me?

    1. Thanks! Well you’re not unlike myself… At least you are no danger to anyone around you 😉 I don’t know you enough and what I can say on you may appear more as judgements but well, here it goes… When you are choosy about friends as such it may mean that you have some kind of insecurity about giving away your trust… perharps because something happened in the past and which triggered a protective shell since (whether consciously or unconsciously). There’s nothing wrong with being proud of one’s uniqueness and in fact helps one to feel good, confident, but in a way it’s also part of the web one weaves to protect oneself from others and simply not get too close.
      Well just my opinion xP

  2. LOL! You can see narcissists everywhere, just visit the Facebook pages of others, you will see lots of people posting stuff about themselves, almost every second! Taking photos of themselves, taking photos of what they have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. This shows many of us are so empty and lonely inside!

    1. Haha that’s definitely another kind of narcissism that I’ll have to tackle as well… Narcissism and the social media 😛 that’s another interesting story!

  3. I hope you’re enjoying your psychology lessons so far; Ermi is wrapping up her honors year and it’s keeping her very busy but she loves it.

    I wanted to drop by and thank you again for being a Picture it & Write contributor. We’ve finished the publication and your piece with the ballerina was one of my favorite pieces. I hope you like how it turned out. If you want me to add you as an author on Goodreads, just let me know!


    1. I haven’t yet started actually ^^ Starting my first year in July 🙂 That’s great!
      It has been a pleasure! Oh amazing!
      Sure please do so 🙂
      You’re much welcome!

      1. Do you have an author account on Goodreads? I need to match the name when add it so please link your profile here. After that, you just let them know it’s you. Best of luck when you start classes!

  4. I see some,of this in my husband. He just now called me mean as he had so many times because I want my kids to learn to keep their stuff piked up and respect others. I have left several times finally after 15 years, but he has caused so many problems with anxiety, depression, etc. Now my blood pressure is getting high. I have to come back because I cannot get any help. I cannot work since my health is bad mainly from him. The last judge told me I needed to go back; I only left him because of free money . Thanks for visiting my blog on this subject.

  5. Hi Daph 😀 Long time no see !! I am really impressed to see how you are growing up and going from strength to strength. Your writing is brilliant as is your painting and it’s lovely to see you becoming one of the greats in the literary world. And I mean that ! You will be one day. be assured. Have a wonderful week and a fantastic life my friend. ❤

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